Important Shipping Update for Spain and the UK

We want to inform you of an ongoing issue affecting shipments to Spain and the UK.

Recently, we’ve faced challenges in delivering packages to these destinations. This is mainly due to increased scrutiny by local customs authorities concerning the declared value of items and the volume of packages sent to the same address within a short timeframe.

Since the onset of the issue, we have been conducting manual inspections for each package, resulting in significant inconvenience for our customers. So, to alleviate these difficulties, we’re transitioning to an automated inspection system, focusing on two key points:

1. Packages containing items valued below $4 will undergo inspection after the shipping request. We will be clarifying the incoming order form regarding item images, values, and total quantities. To streamline this process, we kindly request that you update the image to display the item value and total quantity clearly.

2. Individual Shipping: Each package destined for the same shipping address within Spain or the UK will now be shipped individually. If you have multiple packages ready for shipment to the same address, please be aware that they will be dispatched individually, with a 3-day interval between each shipment.

These enhanced inspection measures are in response to an increase in issues flagged by local customs authorities, as well as several warnings we’ve received from them.

To ensure a smoother shipping experience for all our customers, we kindly request your cooperation in providing accurate item pricing information and refraining from undervaluing items. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.