Receiving & Storage Policy Change Notification

We are happy to announce that DELIVERED will no longer charge Receiving fee, starting from the 1st of October, as a result of having our receiving procedure streamlined and improved based on our customers’ feedback.

Any customers who have been having difficulty with submitting the Incoming Order Form due to belated tracking updates from a seller, can now sit back and relax until DELIVERED notifies you of shipment arrival!

Also, effective from the 1st of November, our storage policy will be changed due to extending volume of packages in our warehouse. This will affect the storage period and storage fee as below.

Service Before From 1st Nov
Receiving fee
FREE (from 1st Oct)
Free storage period
30 days
21 days
Maximum storage period
60 days
45 days
Storage fee (after FREE storage)
0.1kg - 5kg: US$1/package/day
5.1kg - 10kg: US$2/package/day
10.1kg - 15kg: US$3/package/day
15.1kg - 20kg: US$4/package/day
20.1kg - 25kg: US$5/package/day
25.1kg above: Billed separately

* Storage period will be calculated from the date of your package received in our warehouse

* Please note that DELIVERED reserves the right to dispose of your package(s) after the maximum storage period.

We ask for your understanding that this increase will help us maintain service quality. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our support team. Thank you very much.