Service Prices & Transaction Fee Increase

Dear Customers,

Thank you for being a loyal and consistent customer. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we hope we’ve been successful in providing you excellent customer service. 

We are writing to let you that we will be raising our prices on some services slightly due to an increase in the labor and costs both to our partners and us. You can see the new pricing below, and it would start from 1st of June 2021. To ease the burden, we also looked into cheaper ways to transfer money, and we accept payment from TransferWise. The Payment processing fee for using TransferWise would be only 2.5%, which is even cheaper than the current payment processing fee.   

Price Change (taking effect as of 09:00KST 01/06/2021)

Furthermore, based on the requests and feedback received by our customer support team, we are happy to provide you the following additional services.

We ask for your understanding that the increase will help us maintain service quality. If you need any of these services, please contact

Have a great day!

Your dedicated Delivered team