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Every year, BTS celebrates its debut anniversary on June 13. As the biggest K-Pop band on the planet, every year is full of merrymaking and a flurry of fun activities for ARMYs. But this year – its 11th anniversary – feels a tad more special than usual.

All seven members have been undergoing their military service duties, leaving ARMYs without their beloved band until 2025. Thankfully, on June 12, oldest hyung Jin finally completed his enlistment, just one day before the anniversary date!

bts 11th anniversary bts anniversary date bts military service bts jungkook bts jimin bts suga bts dynamite
Image source: @ BTS on Beat

Jin's Discharge Perfectly Timed for Anniversary!

His return is greeted with dynamite excitement as it marks the beginning of the second chapter in BTS’ storied journey. The other members, who are still on active duties, took leaves to “pick him up” from the army base. Wearing casual outfits, all the members, sans Suga, exchanged warm hugs as leader RM played a rendition of their hit song “Dynamite” on saxophone. Later the same day, all six members joined their hyung on the WeVerse livestream , making it the first time in years the whole group has gathered together.

His timely discharge certainly adds an extra oomph to the already festive annual events for the group’s birthday, BTS FESTA 2024.

Every year, BTS Festa features a series of fun activities catering to the dedicated ARMYs wanting to celebrate the day RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook first took to the stage. From the release of the special fan song “Never Let Go” sung by Jungkook, the BANGBANGCON live streaming event of past BTS concerts, the various pop-up stores and exhibitions, to the culminating BTS FESTA stadium gathering with Jin – ARMYs are well and truly fed.

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BTS 11th Anniversary Greetings from the HQ

bts 11th anniversary bts anniversary date bts military service bts jungkook bts jimin bts suga bts dynamite
Image source: Dispatch
The label behind BTS, HYBE, also plastered the side of their headquarter building with the phrase APOBANGPO, short for “ARMY Forever Bangtan Forever”. The phrase became popular after maknae Jungkook coined it. Murals of the seven members also decorated the surrounding area in the group’s signature purple. It’s ARMY’s own Purple Christmas extravaganza! The festivity is certainly a breath of fresh air for HYBE Labels after months of controversies involving other groups in the company, from Le Sserafim’s lip-syncing debacle to a dispute with NewJeans’ producer Min Hee Jin.
Of course, nothing can top celebrating with BTS in person. To commemorate his army release, Jin organized a Free Hug event on the same day BTS FESTA took place in Seoul Sports Complex. Initiated by the “Astronaut” singer himself, Jin personally greeted and shared hugs with 1,000 lucky fans. Without a doubt, the event drew massive interest among ARMYs both in Korea and abroad. Later that night, for the anniversary finale, Jin entertained a crowd of 4,000 with songs from his solo album. The same event was also on WevVerse for fans who were unable to get tickets.
bts monochrome bts 11th anniversary bts anniversary date bts military service bts jungkook bts jimin bts suga bts dynamite
Image source: detik.com

That's not all!

That’s not all, non-Korean fans in other parts of the world also get to bask in the celebration through pop-up store event BTS Monochrome. Held in major cities like Tokyo, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Manila, the event draws massive attendances from ARMY, who scooped up the limited edition items in no time. If you haven’t got a chance to get these merch, fret not, because you can get them all on DKshop!

Looking Back at an Amazing BTS Career on This Very Special Day

BTS was formed in 2010 by Big Hit Music as a hip-hop group (initially). Three years later, BTS formally made their debut with the single “No More Dream.” BTS, being from outside the Big 3 Korean music companies, their debut was quite muted compared to their fellow Gen 3 rookie boy bands. But over time, with talents, charisma, and music that covers highly relevant themes of self actualization and mental health, the group steadily gained more followings. By 2016, they’d established themselves as one of the biggest names in K-Pop.

In 2017, the group made history as the first ever Korean group to get a Gold certification (>500,000 sales) from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) through “Mic Drop”. The next year, their album “Love Yourself: Tear” made another history as the first Korean album to top Billboard 200. It was just the beginning of BTS’ unprecedented run, breaking records and the glass ceiling as they reached mainstream popularity globally. The band has been included in Time’s Most Influential People list multiple times and appointed as UNICEF ambassador.

English-Language Singles Era

In the 2020s, the group began releasing English-language singles to make way further into the American music market, which is the biggest in the world. The result was phenomenal: “Dynamite” hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and got nominated for a Grammy. “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” also repeated the same feat, establishing their dominance in the US market. BTS is no longer just a K-pop band; they’re internationally recognized mainstream musicians.

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BTS Military Service

bts 11th anniversary bts anniversary date bts military service bts jungkook bts jimin bts suga bts dynamite
Image source: @rkive
But after all of that, the boys still carry responsibilities to their country. One by one, they must complete their mandatory military enlistments, starting with Jin in December 2022. The others would follow in 2023, with all of them expected to be finished in 2025. Member Suga will be the last to be discharged in June 2025./span>


While the boys fulfill their military duties, you can wait for their return by enjoying their solo discographies, all showcasing different sides of each member’s musicality:

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