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Webtoons are one of the greatest ways to enjoy both stories and art. But with the countless number of webtoons out there, it can be difficult trying to find ones that have the quality you’re looking for. To help narrow down the search, here is a list of some of the best webtoons to read right now and the reasons they’re worth your time.

Unholy Blood Webtoon Thumbnail
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Nothing is more satisfying than a protagonist that can single-handedly take down whole rooms of bad guys. It’s one of the best parts of this supernatural series about a college student, Hayan, who is secretly a vampire. Following a tragic incident, she is forced to come out of hiding and loses her chance at a normal life. With the help of a gifted police captain, she vows to destroy the organisation responsible and settle the injustices of her past, once and for all. Overall, Unholy Blood is a great choice for readers looking for thrilling fight scenes with a tough, but compassionate, female heroine seeking revenge.

Popular Supernatural Series

Ashtarte webtoon thumbnail
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The Red King Webtoon Thumbnail
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The Red King

Rise from Ashes Webtoon Thumbnail
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Rise from Ashes

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A Good Day to be a Dog Webtoon Thumbnail
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For a lighter read, how about this popular romantic comedy webtoon? Twenty-eight-year-old teacher Hana is a loveable protagonist with a family curse: after kissing someone for the first time, she transforms into a dog, changing back to human in the morning. To break the cycle, she must kiss the same person again while she is in her dog form. The only problem is, her first kiss happens by accident – with another teacher who despises dogs. This wholesome, opposites-attract manhwa is bound to make you laugh and is perfect for fans of lighthearted romances.

Popular School Life Romances

deliveredkorea True Love webtoon thumbnail
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Operation: True Love

Marked by King Bs webtoon thumbnail
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Marked by King Bs

Lost in the Cloud webtoon thumbnail
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Lost in the Cloud

Omniscient Reader Webtoon Thumbnail
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A blend of action and fantasy, Omniscient Reader is a manhwa with a dramatic, well-paced plot and high-quality art to accompany it. The webtoon’s protagonist, Dokja, is an avid reader of the unpopular web-novel, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.” When the novel suddenly turns into reality, he’s the only person who knows what disastrous events are to come. His persona as an ordinary office employee is no more as he must become the hero of this new monster-ridden world and save it from destruction. It’s a safe bet that if you’re into stories with lots of world-building and levelling up, Omniscient Reader is the webtoon for you.

Popular Action Stories

deliveredkorea All Master Necromancer webtoon thumbnail
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All-Master Necromance

deliveredkorea The Remarried Empress webtoon thumbnail
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The Remarried Empress

unOrdinary Webtoon Thumbnail
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Devil Number 4 Webtoon Thumbnail
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Another romance worth reading is Devil Number 4. No. 4 is a high-tier devil known for his success in acquiring human souls by granting their wishes. That is, until he is faced with his most difficult target yet: a poor college student who refuses to give up her life. For the sake of his reputation, No.4 is willing to do whatever it takes to seal their contract. But there’s more to their fateful meeting than what meets the eye. Altogether, Devil Number 4 is a great choice for readers that are interested in a slow-burn romance set in a world where angels and devils exist.

Popular Romantic Stories

Uncanny Charm webtoon thumbnail
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Uncanny Charm

I’ve Become a True Villainess webtoon thumbnail
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I’ve Become a True Villainess

Betrayal of Dignity webtoon thumbnail
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Betrayal of Dignity

Noblesse Webtoon Thumbnail
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This series is an old favourite and rightly so, for its original, well-written plot. The story focuses on the journey of Rai, a powerful immortal possessing otherworldly abilities, who wakes after 820 years of sleeping in a coffin. As the “Noblesse”, he must protect his people and the humans from sinister forces, all while adapting to the changed modern world. From a range of compelling characters, to impeccable comedic timing and epic battle scenes – Noblesse has a perfect balance between suspenseful and comical moments, making it an interesting read for action lovers.

Popular Thriller Series

Winter Wolf webtoon thumbnail
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Winter Wolf

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School Bus Graveyard

Sweet Home Webtoon Thumbnail
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Sweet Home

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These are but a few of many entertaining options on Webtoon, and they aren’t just available digitally, you can also get them as books! Whether it’s decorating your bookshelf with pretty covers or being able to admire each panel from up close, the book versions offer a different experience to just reading webtoons online. What’s more, you can get most of the manhwas mentioned above straight from our DK shop! Check out the manhwa collection we have here.