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Delivered Korea is a brand that helps to match Korean sellers and global buyers. Our slogan is “Shop Korea, Ship Worldwide”. Our brand symbol and logo represent a happy customer’s face with the receipt of the package box delivered directly from South Korea. Our brand colors including orange, green, and dark blue symbolize warmth and reliability, which are our core values that originated from Korean Culture.

delivered korea brand identity logo

Our Symbol

delivered korea our symbol

Brand Logo

Check out how our brand colors are applied to our brand logo.

delivered korea brand logo

DK Mascot

Our mascot’s name is DK. DK the dog loves singing and dancing to K-pop songs. DK has a great passion in shopping unique, creative, and well-made products in Korea. DK has a very friendly and cheerful personality so DK will be happy to be your assistant and help you buy and ship your favorite goods from South Korea to your country.

delivered korea dk mascot