How can I use buying services from Bunjang?

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We provide personal shopper service from Bunjang. Please submit your BUNJANG Order Form by attaching the Bunjang URL that you want to purchase and your order will be on the WE BUY order tab on the dashboard.

When you make a purchase through the Bunjang, our automatic payment system will initiate automatic payment on the Bunjang. Please note that if confirmation is needed with the seller or item is required after automatic payment, it may take additional time. In such cases, we will send you an email for necessary communication. In this case, your order status will be “Awaiting response” on the dashboard.

If the seller does not respond within 5 days, the order will be canceled, and a refunded  to your original payment method. This process may take approximately 5 to 7 business days. 

It is not possible to modify the payment amount while the payment is in progress. However, there might be a difference between the posted amount and the actual amount. So if you toggle on “Higher bid price order confirm” when filling out the Bunjang order form, an additional amount will be automatically charged and it can be paid when paying international shipping. 

All Bunjang orders will be shipped to our warehouse and you need to request international shipping for your order. 

1. Due to the nature of secondhand markets, the item that has been purchased from BUNJANG cannot be returned for any reason.
2. Due to the nature of secondhand markets, DELIVERED does not take responsibility for the item’s condition. (In the case of photo cards, minor scratches, bending, etc. cannot be inspected due to the nature of the material / The condition of electronic products cannot be confirmed.)
3. International shipping costs are not included in BUNJANG services. You can check the estimated shipping price on our Shipping Calculator.
* We do not accept returns for the reason of international shipping fees at a later stage.
4. Even if the purchase is successful, if the seller does not ship your order within 5 business days, the order may be canceled. The refund will be processed through the original payment method and it may take approximately 5 to 7 business days.

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