What is your service fee?

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We Buy and Ship

    • General order
      • Payment processing fee: Free
      • Handling fee: US$1 flat per order


    • BunJang order
      • Payment processing fee: Free
      • Handling fee: US$5 flat per order

You Buy, We Ship

    • Consolidation/Repackaging: US$3 per package
      • Envelope: US$1 per envelope
      • BunJang orders: No consolidation fee
    • Free storage period: 45days from the date of receipt

    (When the free storage period exceeds, an additional storage fee of US$1 per package will be charged per package daily. The maximum storage period is 75 days, and Delivered Korea reserves the right to dispose of packages exceeding the deadline)

      ※ The new storage period applies starting from packages received on January 1st, 2024.

Optional service

    • Returns: US$10 return handling fee per package (excluding prepaid return labels).
    • Content Verification: US$2 per package (if you need detailed verification or photos for the bulk items in the box, a service fee of US$3/10 min. will be charged).
    • Photo Request: US$2 per photo
    • Split Package: US$5 per package
    • Inclusion only service (Standard): US$1 per album
    • Inclusion only service (Premium): US$2 per album
    • Vacuum Pack: US$5 per package
    • Corrugated Plastic Box: US$7 per package
    • Disposal: US$5 per package



    *We reserve the right to change our fee structure in the future. We may add premium, paid services as our business grows based on customer demand.

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