Why do I have to request consolidation when I made only one order?

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When you make an online order, especially when you are purchasing several items at once, some orders might not come in one box as you expected. Depending on the item quantity and size, the seller can send them in more than one box. This can easily cause the “Missing box”, and “Item lost” issues and the item to be found in our warehouse afterward.

For the “You buy order” case:
To prevent this from happening, we kindly advise our customers to check if there is ‘multiple tracking numbers’ or ‘sub tracking number’ under that order. Also, once the package arrives at our warehouse, please check the package weight and see if it is the whole package weight you were expecting. If you want to verify items, you can request our photo service ($2) to verify the item quantity as well as the item’s condition.

For the “We buy order” case:
There are some cases where sellers separate a single order into multiple packages. In this case, your order will be registered as multiple packages. If you want to receive them in one package, you can request for consolidation and our warehouse team will combine all your orders in one box.

Thank you very much.

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