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We Make Qxpress Shipping a Breeze!

We are an official Qxpress shipping partner. Qxpress provides one of the cheapest door-to-door delivery services on the market. If your shipping destinations are Asia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India, Qxpress offers the most competitive shipping rates. By using our service to ship internationally, you ensure that any packages will be delivered to your destination. You will find our exclusive shipping rates at your checkout.

How Delivered Korea Works with Qxpress

Step 1

receive your order form international shipping partners

Receive your order form

Step 2

prepare for your package international shipping partners

Prepare for your package

Step 3

automated international shipping partners labels generation

Automated Qxpress labels generation

Step 4

generate your shipping tracking number international shipping partners

Generate your shipping tracking number

Step 5

track your shipping and updates international shipping partners

Track your shipping and updates

Delivered Korea + Qxpress

We are here to make your international shipping from South Korea easier and faster. If you want to ship through Qxpress, Delivered Korea will save your shipping time and money.

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