SNSD Hyoyeon in a PRADA cardigan after losing 9KG

On the 13th of September 2022, Hyoyeon, one of the original members of the legendary Korean Kpop girl group, Girl’s Generation, boasted her beauty wearing a PRADA cardigan after a significant weight loss on her Instagram.

Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon’s Instagram

Hyoyeon’s Instagram post including her selfie taken in her room has captivated her fans’ attention with the perfect fit in a cropped cardigan from the Italian luxury brand.

Girls’s Generate (SNSD) – FOREVER 1 MV with 39 million YouTube views

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation has recently released their 7th album called ‘FOREVER 1‘ to celebrate their 15th year anniversary since the first appearance. It’s been 5 years since the release of their last album ‘Holiday Night‘ (홀리데이 나이트) which is currently adding heat to the Kpop industry. The album has a total of 10 colorful songs that strongly represent the group’s brand.

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