U.S. Fortune says, “Korea at 5 trillion won annual loss due to BTS members’ military service”

Fortune reported on the 17th (local time) on the issue of BTS military service, citing data released by the Hyundai Economic Research Institute in 2018.

BTS Members Left to Right: Jin, RM, Jungkook, j-hope, Jimin, SUGA, and V

BTS contributes more than $3.6 billion (about 5 trillion) to the Korean economy every year, the media said. “One out of 13 tourists to Korea came to Korea in 2017 because of BTS and Korea earned about $1.1 billion (about 1.5796 trillion won) in exports of consumer goods and cosmetics.”

He also added, “BTS has not only contributed to Korea’s wealth but also proved its influence to shake the Korean financial market. “Earlier, when BTS’s agency announced the news of its member Jin (30, Kim Seok-jin)’s enlistment, Hive’s stock price fell 2.5%. Not only Hive but also other Korean entertainment stocks plunged.

BTS Jin Military enlistment SHOCKING Update + Suga is next to enlist?

Meanwhile, BTS Jin is scheduled to apply for cancellation of the postponement of enlistment at the end of this month, and then follow the Military Manpower Administration’s enlistment-related procedures. The other members will also carry out military service in sequence according to their plans.

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