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The South Korean industry behemoth HYBE, which has achieved success with worldwide boy groups BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, and ENHYPEN, has signed NewJeans as the newest K-pop group they will manage. After the success of K-pop legends, Le Sserafim’s debut in May and the purchase of Fromis_9, a third-generation female group, by Pledis Entertainment, the newest K-pop group NewJeans is set to be the next big thing from Hybe Corporation.

Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, make up the group and don’t seem to feel any pressure to live up to the industry’s lengthy list of famous predecessors. These teenagers are representative of everything that is fresh, fascinating, and young.

newjeans what you need to know about hybe's new kpop group delivered korea

Everything You Need to Know About NewJeans

With trendy looks and catchy new beats, NewJeans has entered the music industry with a globally heard ‘bang’. As they take the ‘Attention’ from a local and worldwide fanbase, people are curious about who they are and where they come from. Read on and find out more about HYBE’s new sub-labels K-pop group NewJeans.

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Where Does NewJeans Come From?

Hanni, Hyein, Haerin, Danielle, and Minji, who make up NewJeans, were introduced to their audiences with an appropriately titled song, ‘Attention’. This was their first song and EP (extended play) opener and was posted on YouTube with a music video before ADOR revealed any information about the group’s members, adding to the mystery around their origins.

What Does the Name Mean?

While paying tribute to the timelessness of jeans, NewJeans uses the wordplay on “new genes” for their uniquely captivating name. The five-piece band took their moniker from the durability of denim trousers in the hopes that their music will become a cultural touchstone for people of all ages. ADOR compares pop music to the clothing we wear every day because of how closely it relates to our everyday lives.

Who Are the Members?

NewJeans is set to take the world by storm, and the five young women behind this massive debut are:


hanni newjeans member
NewJeans Hanni - Source: NewJeans Ador Instagram

Hanni is of Vietnamese descent and has an unbelievable voice. According to ADOR, she is a trainee 04-liner, 18 years old, and is set to be an incredible star in the music business.


minji new jeans member
NewJeans Minji - Source: NewJeans Ador Instagram

South Korean Minji is an ADOR trainee on the 04-line, just like Hani. K-pop fans first saw her in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video before she made her official debut.


danielle new jeans member
NewJeans Danielle - Source: NewJeans Ador Instagram

In addition to her 05-liner moniker, Danielle Marsh is also known as Mo Ji Hye, a name she was given at birth due to her parents’ nationalities. Although her online profile states she was born in Australia, Top Star News identifies her as Korean. After making her debut on the 2011 season of the tVN reality program “Rainbow Kindergarten”, she quickly became a household name and a rising star in the entertainment industry.


haerin new jeans member
NewJeans Haerin - Source: NewJeans Ador Instagram

Haerin is from South Korea and we know very little about her, save for her impressive vocals. The mystery adds to the appeal that NewJeans offers and increases the fascination around this young woman.


hyein new jeans member
NewJeans Hyein - Source: NewJeans Ador Instagram

Hyein, who was born in 2008, is likely the youngest of the group’s members. Before adopting her present moniker, she was known as U.Jeong after making her music industry debut with the Kids Planet-formed girl group USSO.GIRL in 2017.

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Is There NewJeans Kpop Merch?

ADOR’s new pop-up shop for NewJeans was open during August. There was a ton of stuff for sale at ‘The Hyundai Seoul’, and fans were quick to get them all.

If you are on the lookout for exclusive NewJeans merch, check Twitter, you’ll see a list of everything you can get. The pop-up shops sell a wide variety of NewJean’s 90s-inspired merchandise, from clothes to stickers. As a bonus, the business also has a picture booth that attracts a lot of customers.

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What is 'Attention'?

Attention is a music video by NewJeans that has racked up over a million views. The song has an easygoing vibe that’s great for a band introducing themselves to new fans, and the video has a nostalgic 2000s-era vibe. Five girls make up NewJeans, and to the surprise of many, the label’s release did not provide any details on the female quartet.

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What are the Top Songs of this Fourth-Generation Pop Group?

K-pop newcomers NewJeans have made quite an impact since their debut. The new band that HYBE and its sub-label ADOR introduced to the world has completely blown everyone away with their music and music videos. This emerging K-pop group, with its music, music videos, and live performances has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of the pop genre. NewJeans announced when their fans could expect their first EP. New music videos were out on July 23, 25, and August 1. On August 1, they released a digital EP release.

Since their recent debut, the girls have been on a record-breaking tear. After everything they have accomplished with just one EP, it won’t be long until they are dubbed the best artists of 2022. Here are the songs that broke the internet.


The first song by NewJeans is titled “Attention“. Featuring a throwback R&B vibe and a hint of K-pop, it’s a breath of fresh air for the 2022 summer.

25 million YouTube views as of September 2022

Hype Boy

Even though “Attention” was NewJeans’ first single, “Hype Boy” is the song that officially introduced the world to this K-pop girl group. NewJeans continues to break new ground by creating four music videos for the same song. The lyrics are adaptable, and the lyricists’ ability to keep the audience engaged is further shown by the variety of plots presented in the four music videos.

11 million YouTube views as of September 2022


Who doesn’t like a tender love song about the torments of falling in love and the heartbreak that follows? Fans receive something different from what they expect from NewJeans with “Hurt“. This K-pop band opted for a more subdued and reflective sound to complement the song’s lyrics.

7.4 million YouTube views as of September 2022


Cookie is the fourth and last song on their EP. The chill and calm sounds of NewJeans have already garnered over 10 million views in only a month since its debut.

13 million YouTube views as of September 2022

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