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Have you found your “personal color” yet? Well, getting the “personal color analysis” is all the rage in Korea at the moment. Basically, personal color analysis is a way to find out which colors are the most flattering for your skin tone based on seasonal color tones (spring, summer, fall, winter) and your skin’s undertones (cool, warm, neutral). By choosing the right colors, you can actually look brighter and more confident—how wild is that?! In today’s post, we’ll be looking into personal color and seeing why dressing according to your personal color is so trendy these days. So, if you’re ready, let’s go!

What is personal color?

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To break it down, because colors can look different depending on the other shades that they are paired together with, not all colors work for everyone. With your “personal color,” color theory is divided into four seasons to make it easier to figure out what suits you best. Plus, it’s not just about looking good. Did you know that the colors you wear can actually affect your mood, biorhythm, and overall well-being?

When it comes to figuring out your best colors, your skin’s undertones play a big role. If you lean towards cool undertones (meaning your skin has pink, red, or blue), colors like icy blues and purples will probably look great on you. On the other hand, if you have warm undertones (meaning your skin has yellow, peach, or golden colors), you will look fantastic in oranges and rich browns. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have neutral undertones, you can rock a wide range of colors without any worries!

Seasonal colors

Winter Type

personal color analysis personal color palette korean personal color kpop idols k pop idols k-pop idols winter type

Okay, now that you understand a little bit more about how personal color works, let’s dive into the different seasonal categories, starting with “winter.” Typical “winter” colors are bold and clear—a winter palette usually has a lot of jewel tones like royal blue, emerald green, deep purple, and icy shades like silver and stark white. People with “winter” personal colors usually have cool undertones in the skin and high contrast between their skin, eyes, and hair, like, for example, Blackpink’s Jisoo, which explains why she looks so good in high-contrast outfits. Within the “winter” category, there are two specific seasonal palettes: “winter bright” and “winter deep.” For the “winter bright” palette, highly saturated colors would work well. In contrast, for the “winter deep” palette, deep and dark tones like dark wine, purple, red, and other dark colors would be better suited. For example, aespa’s Karina perfectly suits the dark colors of a “winter deep” palette!

Fall Type

personal color analysis personal color palette korean personal color kpop idols k pop idols k-pop idols fall type
Next, onto the “fall” category.” If you suit “fall” colors, then you most definitely have a warm undertone! Some celebrities who suit “fall” colors include (G) I-DLE’s Yuqi and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. If you are a “fall” person, you fall into one of the three fall categories: “fall mute,” “fall strong,” or “fall deep.” Typical for “mute” palettes, “fall mute” colors include light pale and grayish tones like oatmeal, ivory, olive, etc., whereas “fall strong” has more medium saturation colors. As for “fall deep,” like the “winter deep” palette, it has darker and deeper colors.

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Spring Type

personal color analysis personal color palette korean personal color kpop idols k pop idols k-pop idols spring type
On the other hand, if you have a warm tone but don’t suit the autumn or fall colors, then you may, instead, be a “spring” tone. In addition to having a warm undertone, people who fall into the “spring” category often have light to medium skin tones that tan easily and hair that’s brown or another warm tone, like strawberry blond. Some celebrities that fall into the “spring” category include SNSD’s Yoona and IU, which explains why they look so good in both warm and bright colors like coral, peach, golden yellow, light green, etc. In regards to their variations, the “spring light” palette has a lot of high brightness and low saturation tones (think soft pastels), while the “spring bright” palette has more has warm, lively, and highly saturated vivid colors!

Summer Type

personal color analysis personal color palette korean personal color kpop idols k pop idols k-pop idols summer type
Finally, suppose you have a cool undertone and subtle contrast between your eye color, hair, and skin. In that case, you, most likely, have “summer” personal color. People who suit the “summer” palettes typically look good with soft and muted shades, avoiding harsh and contrasting colors. K-pop idols who suit “summer” colors include “Original Visual” Red Velvet’s Irene and “It-girl” IVE’s Jang Wonyoung. There are three variations of “summer,” including “summer light,” “summer bright,” and “summer mute.” Very similar to “spring light,” the “summer light” palette’s colors include a lot of pastels. However, this time with a blue base color. Many of the K-Pop idols who look best in bleached or pastel hair also fit this palette, like SNSD’s Taeyeon, IVE’s Liz, and TWICE’s Da-hyun. Next, the “spring bright” palette has a lot of high saturation and high brightness cool colors. And, finally, the “summer mute” palette includes light pale and grayish soft toned-down cool colors—fun fact: “summer mute” is actually the palette that most Koreans belong to!

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Individuality and experimentation

personal color analysis personal color palette korean personal color kpop idols k pop idols k-pop idols

It should be said that while the seasonal personal color analysis can be incredibly helpful in finding out what you should be wearing, it’s not the be-all and end-all. After all, your style, mood, and lifestyle can all play a massive part in how colors look on you. Don’t forget that within the personal color analysis world, there is also a concept called “borrowing” colors from other seasons. Maybe you’re a “summer” person, but you find that a pop of those bright “spring” colors really brings out your eyes. After all, who says you can’t dabble in a bit of “winter”‘s jewel tones or “fall”‘s warmth? The key is to have fun with it! So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different shades and tones—ultimately, personal style is all about expressing yourself and feeling confident in what you’re wearing.

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