FREE Korean Address

You Buy, We Ship

Delivered Korea offers you a free Korean address, which you can use to deliver your products after purchasing from Korean online shops. We will then forward your items to you in one package.

Service Fee

Hassle-Free Shopping

We Buy and Ship

We Buy and Ship: Let us know what you need, and we will buy it for you. Use our all-inclusive service from personal shopping and consolidating to worldwide shipping.

Service Fee

Optional Service Fee

FREE Storage Period

1 month (from the date of receipt)


$10 (USD) / package monthly (after the first month of free use)

Consolidation & Repack

$2 (USD) /package

Split Package

$5 (USD) /package


$10 (USD) /package

Photo Request

$2 (USD) /photo

Contents Verification

$2 (USD) /package

Vacuum Bag Service

$2 (USD) /package


You Sell, We Dropship

Order your products from Korean dropship suppliers, and we will ship worldwide to your customers with customized packaging and labeling.

Check your shipment price first!