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Delivery Agency Service

You Buy, We Ship

Delivered Korea offers you a free Korean address, which you can use to deliver your products after purchasing from Korean online shops. We will then forward your packages to you in one box.

Service Fee

Package Receving Fee

Storage Fee

up to 30 days from the date of receipt

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Purchasing Agency Service

We Buy and Ship

Let us know what you need, and we will buy it for you. Use our all-inclusive service from personal shopping and consolidating to worldwide shipping.

Service Fee

Handling Fee

Bunjang: $5 USD per item (inspection included)

Other Stores: $1 USD per item

Payment Processing Fee

(PayPal, credit/debit cards)

Auction: 12.5% of the item price

bunjang payment processing fee

Online Shops: 8% of the item price

Optional Service Fee

free storage period icon new


Free / 30 days
$1 USD / package daily
(after the free storage period)

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Inclusion Only

new service delivered korea

Standard: Only album inclusions such as K-pop Idol photocards, postcards & POB benefits will be packed without the rest of the album (Poster is not included).


Premium: Attach images of the particular item(s) you desire to receive, in addition to the K-pop Idol photocards, postcards, and POB benefits included in the Standard Inclusion Only Service.

Standard $1 USD / album
Premium $2 USD / album

Bubble Wrap

$1 USD / package

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Parcel Consolidation

We combine multiple packages into one box. This will minimize the dimensional weight and cut the shipping costs. Basic bubble wrapping is included.

$3 USD / package
$1 USD / envelope
Free / Bunjang order

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We will repack your products into a smaller box or a bubble-mailer.

$3 USD / package

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Split Packaging

We will split your single package, which may contain multiple items or products, into separate shipments for delivery. Once split, it cannot be reopened.

$5 USD / package

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Photo Request

$2 USD / package

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Corrugated Plastic Box Packaging

$7 USD / package

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Vacuum Packaging

We can do vacuum packaging your products such as cushion, stuffed toys, and beddings to minimize the dimensional weight.

$5 USD / package

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$10 USD / package

Bulk Order Service

Try our all-in-one solution for buying and warehousing.
Ideal for group order managers, influencers, and resellers!

Try our all-in-one solution for buying and warehousing. Ideal for group order managers, influencers, and resellers!

Total Bulk Order Amount

All-in-One Warehouse Fee

Over $1000


Over $2000


Over $3000


Over $4000


$5000 over

Ask for a quote

package services

Package Services

Package Consolidation

Combine all received packages into one box.

Package Split

Separate items into multiple boxes (please provide detailed instructions).

Package Customization

Packing specifically tailored to meet your requirements (please provide detailed instructions).

add on services

Add-On Services

Inclusions Only

Pack only inclusions such as photo cards and postcards.

Extra Bubble Wrap

Additional bubble wrap is used to enhance protection for the item.

Vacuum Packaging

Minimize the volume of the item by vacuum packaging.

Removal of Outer Box

Remove the bulky outer box to reduce the volumetric weight.

Dropshipping Service

You Sell, We Dropship

dropshipping service you sell, we dropship

Order your products from Korean suppliers,
and we will ship worldwide to your customers with customized packaging and labeling.