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In the ever-growing sphere of video games, Summoners War has undoubtedly made its mark as a cherished classic. Released in 2014 by South Korean game developer Com2uS, this mobile RPG boasts a vast global player base with over 200 million players! This is no surprise, considering their eye-catching graphics, lively soundtracks, and comprehensive lore, which together create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Recently, the Summoners War universe has been expanded with the production of six new webtoon series on Naver. Each series initially uploaded 15 episodes, and now, it is updated weekly on Thursdays. The webtoons feature action-packed stories that cross over with Com2uS’s previous comics and light novels, encompassing various genres such as fantasy, adventure, and mystery. Fans can learn the backstories of beloved characters, like Durand and Nicki, and meet new characters introduced exclusively for the webtoons! Read on to find out more about these exciting releases and what makes them stand out.

summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war cross summoners war tier list s character durand
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Starring as this webtoon’s main character is Durand. Players will know him as the powerful Summoner that acts as a guide in the game’s various challenges. It follows his quest to avenge his father, who dies at the hands of a shadow organization trying to obtain the mysterious artifact, ‘Shielkrino.’ Through ‘Shielkrino’, Durand awakens his abilities as a summoner – but it soon proves to be as dangerous as it is powerful. With the help of Elheil and his comrades, he must take down his enemies and stop his power from consuming him before it’s too late. With a compelling plot and high-quality art, Summoners War: Cross is an excellent webtoon for those who want to delve into the origin story of Durand.

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summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war royal blood summoners war tier list s character Byron Hyden
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Showcasing impressive art and a plot that explores a powerful monster from the game, Lushen, Royal Blood is a highly recommended webtoon for Summoners War fans. The story follows the 8th prince of the Ragon Kingdom, Byron Hyden. He is ostracised for summoning the monster, Lushen, a symbol of rebellion that casts a negative light on the royal family. His days of fighting at a Summoner gambling ring are interrupted when he is sought out by his brother, who informs him of the dark conspiracy surrounding the throne. Follow Byron’s whirlwind journey as he tries to seize his rightful place as king, as well as win over his first love. Overall, this series is clearly an entertaining read that does not disappoint with its stunning representation of the game.

summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war summoners academy summoners war tier list s character noah
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From summoners to inventors and elementalists, Summoners Academy is a school-life webtoon that features them all. The main character, Noah, is an elementalist who works as a fixer to pay off the debt his mother left behind. When an anonymous client gives him a high-reward job, he finds himself breaking into Rene Academy, where talented students gather to harness their supernatural abilities. Read Summoners Academy to follow this troublesome mage facing various trials at his new school and be transported into the Summoners War universe.

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summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war trackers summoners war tier list s character Lonnie Walker
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Set in the distant past of the Summoners War universe, Trackers is an action fantasy that looks into the history of the world, Alea. During the first Otherworld Rift, monsters of chaos wreaked havoc upon the land. Lonnie Walker is a Tracker who makes it his sole purpose to eradicate the monsters that killed his loved ones and help reseal the gap between worlds. Whether it’s for the incredibly drawn monster-slaying scenes or the epic post-apocalyptic setting, Trackers is definitely a must-read webtoon for those wanting to learn more lore about Summoners War.
summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war Captain Eve summoners war tier list s character Captain Eve
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Following her appearance in the Summoners War: Awakening comics, the charming character, Captain Eve, is now given the spotlight in this webtoon about her tumultuous journey to glory. After Eve is caught stealing a magical artifact, she is forced into an illegal fighting arena and is at risk of dying as a combat slave. However, she miraculously escapes to join a band of sky pirates, helping them find relics and eventually becoming the cunning captain of their ship. Captain Eve is the perfect reading choice as a thrilling adventure webtoon that allows readers to explore a new side of the Summoners War universe.

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summoners war manhwa webtoon summoners war Occult Detective Nicki summoners war tier list s character Nicki
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Centered around mystery and the occult, Occult Detective Nicki offers a unique charm to the other webtoons. The story focuses on Nicki, who players may recognize as one of the summonable monsters from the game. Here, she is the daughter of the mafia that rules Noir City and is locked in her house to hide her strange ability to communicate with ghosts. When she escapes with her best friend, a spirit-possessed teddy bear, they immediately become entangled in an incident involving urban legends. To avoid the crises and survive in the dangerous city, Nicki is forced to become an ‘occult detective.’ This adaptation is a great introduction to a fan-favorite character and serves as an entertaining, spooky read.


So, if you’re interested in Summoners War or intrigued by game-adapted stories, Com2uS’s six new webtoons are definitely worth checking out. It’s clear that each series brings the game to life through various art styles, creating a unique experience of the Summoners War universe for readers. They are currently available in Korean on Naver and Thai on Kakao webtoons. For English translations, make sure to keep an eye out, as they will likely be added in the future!

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