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There has been an upsurge in the number of people learning Korean in recent years. The cause of this phenomenon is known as Hallyu, and it is primarily due to K-pop, a popular Korean pop music genre. It wasn’t until recently that K-popularity pops skyrocketed, owing to new groups like Blackpink and BTS.

International fans of Korean music, language, and literature know how difficult it can be to locate Korean books, comics, manhwa, etc. in their area. If you do find an online store that carries your favorite book or manhwa, international shipping is often a hassle.

But with Hallyu waves not stopping anytime soon, various international shipping providers and package forwarding services have emerged. This article will take you through the top 10 Korean online book and manhwa stores and how you can get your favorite items delivered to your door.

yes24 top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
Yes24 Website

One of Korea’s first and largest online bookstores, Yes24, has been around for a long time. It attracts customers by offering books, comics, and manhwa at a lower price compared to their physical equivalents, promoting authors and books via interviews and video snippets, and guaranteeing quick and low-cost delivery.

Due to the company’s innovative warehouse management system, its “bullet delivery service” can send things to customers on the day of order placing. The online bookstore has been extending its regional warehouse locations to accommodate customers outside of Seoul but is yet to reach international markets.

twochois top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
TwoChois Website

TwoChois is founded by two Korean sisters who help you purchase Korean books straight from Korea. The Choi sisters are aware of the challenges of finding decent Korean literature in foreign countries. This online store is great for Korean-learners because the titles are hand-picked to make sure you get the most out of your time studying the Korean language.

You will find books on Korean culture in different languages including, Chinese, English, and Russian. They ship to more than 100 countries through DHL. EMS and FedEx are offered only for special purchases due to the higher cost and COVID-19 restrictions.

aladin top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
Aladin Website

Aladin, a prominent online book retailer, has seen a surge in sales thanks to its network of used-book stores which have attracted bargain-hunting customers. This bookstore carries books in various languages, manhwa, comics, DVDs, and music albums.

Ordering from Aladin can be a challenge if you don’t speak Korean, as their site is designed for Korean in the United States and hence does not have an English version. It uses DHS to deliver anywhere in the United States and Canada, so shipping isn’t as expensive as with Gmarket.

interpark books top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
Interpark Books Website

One of South Korea’s most prominent e-commerce websites is Interpark. This website, despite offering a diverse range of products, is primarily recognized for offering concert and exhibition tickets. Foreign readers love Interpark Books because it provides information in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Customers can get consolidated shipping with this e-commerce site, which ships globally. Interpark has a logistics center in Korea where it gathers all of the products needed for the order. The order is packaged and sent to the target country from the logistics center.

Youngpoong Books Website

Youngpoong Bookstore has six physical locations and an online store. The Youngpoong Bookstores are unlike any other bookstores in the world. They’re upscale cultural hubs that stock a wide range of handmade and artisanal goods. There are around one million books available for you to browse through!

There is no doubt then that you will find everything from books to comics to event tickets and more at this store. The online bookstore does not offer international shipping, but you can register yourself with a shipment forwarding service to solve this issue.

Koreanbooks Website

For those interested in learning about Korean culture, Koreanbooks is the go-to source. This online shop sells a wide variety of Korean cultural memorabilia. you can read and study original works written in the Korean language if you have intermediate or advanced proficiency in the language.

They have plenty of English-, German-, and Korean-language books available for purchase on their German-language website. These books cover a wide range of topics, from history and food to architecture and economics. Among other things, you’ll discover Korean DVDs, notebooks, and more.

In comparison to what you would pay in South Korea for the same book, the price of the book is fairly high. However, when you total up all of the fees associated with getting your books online from Koreanbooks, it is typically less expensive than ordering books from other foreign sites.

Gmarket Website

The South Korean worldwide online shop is extremely popular among both Koreans and foreigners. The website can be accessed in three languages: Korean, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Gmarket aims to provide a wide variety of options for book genres. As a result, you’ll find a wide range of books on the Korean language, history, fiction, and politics, as well as comics and manhwa. There’s no denying that this is the place to go for best-selling literature, but with so many options, it might be difficult to narrow your search.

If you’re planning a trip to Asia and want to purchase books to be sent there, Gmarket is a viable choice. Foreign users will have to order through a package forwarding service since almost all of the Gmarket-affiliated sellers do not ship overseas at this time.

Coupang Website

Coupang is one of the most rapidly expanding e-commerce business enterprises in the world, not just in Korea. 70% of Coupang’s sales are generated by smartphone purchases. All of the items on this internet store, including everything from toys for kids to concert tickets, have been meticulously organized.

Currently, they only have a Korean website, but the interface is so basic that even those without prior knowledge of the Korean language can use it. Coupang ships to a wide range of countries including Canada, the United States, and Europe, as well as other regions across the world.

naver shopping top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
Naver Shopping Website

Naver is often called the “Google of Korea”. Naver is a must for everybody who calls Korea home, no matter where they may be from. Naver Pay, a convenient payment option, provides the most spectacular online shopping experience ever with lightning-fast product searches and price comparison.

Customers are particularly interested in the “Naver Plus Membership”, a premium subscription service. When using Naver Shopping, Webtoon, or booking, you can earn up to 5% of your points by paying with Naver Pay. A variety of delivery alternatives for overseas shipments are also available. Shipments can be sent via surface sea, Economy Sea, or expedited sea.

kyobo book center top 10 korean online book and manhwa stores
Kyobo Book Center Website

One of Korea’s most popular bookstore chains is Kyobo Bookstore. If you’re looking for something specific, there are millions of books, manhwa, and comics to choose from. It’s not uncommon to see both young and senior customers growing the store on weekends. Kyobo also holds several activities, including a monthly book event where authors interact with readers to talk about their work.

Much to the dismay of foreign readers, Kyobo’s online bookstores in Korea and the US do not offer worldwide shipping. The website is in Korean as well which can be difficult for users to navigate through.

To have items from Kyobobook and other Korean stores shipped to an international address, you must register with a package forwarding service. International shipping providers such as Delivered Korea also offer consolidated orders if you want to order items from multiple book stores.