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Delivered Korea

Inclusions Only Service for Individuals

Are you a K-pop card collector? Explore the Inclusions Only service catering to individual customers. Lower the shipping costs by shipping only inclusions (photo cards, posters, etc.) without albums.

We Buy & Ship Tutorial

Unsure how to use our We Buy & Ship service? Check a detailed tutorial on how to use our proxy buying personal shopper and purchasing agency service.

You Buy & We Ship Tutorial

Unsure how to use our You Buy & You Ship service? Check a detailed tutorial on how to use our proxy shipping service and get your desired products fast and safely.

FREE Consolidation on We Buy orders

Learn how to save money with free consolidation for all We Buy orders paid together.

Additional Services

Learn more about Delivered Korea additional services: from consolidation and repackaging to inclusions only.

함께 결제된 모든 We Buy 주문에 대해 무료 통합을 통해 비용을 절약하는 방법을 알아보세요.

Prohibited Items Reminder

Check which items we can't ship: sunglasses, glasses, perfume, and more. Visit our Prohibited Items for more details.

Delivered Korea 추가 서비스에 대해 자세히 알아보세요: 통합 및 재포장부터 포함 상품까지.


Combining DKshop Orders

Learn how to efficiently merge your DKshop orders with those from other stores to save on shipping.

DKshop Coupon Code Guide

Unlock savings with a comprehensive guide on using coupon codes effectively when shopping on DKshop.

DKshop Registration Steps

Need help with registering on DKshop? Navigate through the step-by-step process to create an account on DKshop and access its diverse range of products.

delivered.co.kr's Korean Address on DKshop

Learn how to add your personal Korean address on DKshop to ship items to your delivered.co.kr's warehouse suite.

Adding Address on DKshop

Easily update and manage your international address on DKshop with this straightforward tutorial.

POB Selectable Options

Learn how DKshop's POB Selectable Option saves you money on K-pop pre-orders and shipping.

Delivered Korea x Bunjang

Product Search on Bunjang

Discover tips and tricks for efficient product searches on the popular Korean marketplace, Bunjang.

Requesting Purchases on Bunjang

Navigate the process of requesting and securing purchases on Bunjang to get the items you desire.

Shipping Requests on Bunjang

Learn the steps involved in requesting shipping for your purchases on the Bunjang platform.

Understanding Korean Prices on Bunjang

Decode the pricing system on Bunjang to make informed decisions while browsing and buying.

Explanation of Price Difference : Bunjang vs. DK

Gain insights into why the USD price you see on delivered.co.kr may differ from the listed price on Bunjang, helping you understand the pricing dynamics.

Bunjang New Search Features and Product Reviews

New Bunjang features make searching for products even easier and facilitate informed decisions. Learn more about collections, reviews, and other features to enhance your shopping experience.

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