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Hey, ONCEs! Have you heard the whispers of a new TWICE album on the horizon in 2024? We can’t confirm anything yet, but let’s just say our ears are perked up with anticipation! But before it drops, TWICE leader Nayeon just surprised fans with her solo debut announcement – an EP titled “NA” featuring the lead single “ABCD.” This promises a fresh, genre-bending sound that showcases her powerful vocals in a whole new way. With TWICE’s discography overflowing with catchy tunes and iconic comebacks like “Cheer Up” and “TT,” one question burns bright: will their new album be their most epic comeback yet?

Formed in 2015 under JYP Entertainment, TWICE has skyrocketed to global superstardom, captivating audiences with their constant evolution and undeniable talent. So get ready, ONCEs, because we’re about to explore some of TWICE’s incredible comebacks and see if their newest masterpiece can dethrone their past glories!

A Journey Through TWICE's Comebacks

TWICE, composed of the nine talented members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, has consistently showered fans with comebacks, each one showcasing their artistic growth and versatility. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:
  • Early Days (2015-2017): TWICE came into the scene with their signature adorable and bubbly concept. Hits like “Like OOH-AHH” and “CHEER UP” dominated the charts and cemented their place as a top K-Pop group.

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  • Concept Queens (2017-2020): TWICE proved their versatility, seamlessly transitioning from cute to cool. Tracks like “TT” and “Feel Special” showcased their range, while albums like “Signal” and “Feel Special” experimented with diverse sounds.
  • Maturity and Global Domination (2020-Present): Embracing a more mature sound, TWICE released albums like “Eyes Wide Open” and “Formula of Love: O+T=<3." Tracks like "MORE & MORE" and "SCIENTIST" displayed a newfound confidence and artistic exploration. Their recent "With You-th" solidified their global dominance, reaching the coveted No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.
twice members twice merchandise twice merch twice albums twice discography TWICE comeback 2024
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The ONCE Dilemma: Picking a Best Album

Picking a “best” TWICE album is like choosing your favorite child (if your children were catchy songs)! Their discography is a diverse wonderland, offering something for every musical mood. Let’s navigate this incredible collection!

For the Classic ONCE: #Twice (2017) - A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

This Japanese compilation album is a treasure trove for early TWICE fans. Featuring Korean and Japanese versions of their first five singles, it’s like a time capsule filled with iconic hits like “Like OOH-AHH” and “CHEER UP.” Get ready to reminisce about those happy debut-era memories and sing along at the top of your lungs!

For the Genre-Bending ONCE: Between 1&2 (2022) - A Genre-Hopping Adventure

Between 1&2 is a testament to TWICE’s ability to defy expectations and blend genres like sonic superheroes. You guys can explore the powerful rock influences of “The Feels” and then whip out your retro shades for the groovy vibes of “Moonlight.” This mini-album is a genre-hopping adventure that will keep you hitting repeat all day long.

For the B-Side Enthusiast: READY TO BE (2023) - Unearthing Hidden Gems

B-sides are the secret weapons of any K-Pop group, and TWICE is no exception! READY TO BE boasts a collection of hidden gems that deserve all the love. Get down to the funky bassline of “I CAN’t STOP ME” or let loose your emotions with the beautiful ballad “1,3,2.” This album is a goldmine waiting to be explored, perfect for discovering new TWICE favorites that might just become your next obsession.
twice members twice merchandise twice merch twice albums twice discography TWICE comeback 2024
Image source: X (Twitter)

For the B-Side Enthusiast: READY TO BE (2023) - Unearthing Hidden Gems

TWICE’s recent chart-topping masterpiece, With You-th, is a testament to their global dominance. This album features both Korean tracks and English versions of their hits, making it the perfect introduction for new fans. Also, they did great on the Billboard charts! Their new mini-album, “With YOU-th,” is their first #1 album in the US this month. The six-song EP has catchy songs like “I Got You,” “One Spark,” “Rush,” “New New,” “Bloom,” and “You Get Me.”

Remember, there’s no single “best” TWICE album. The beauty lies in exploring their vast discography and finding the music that resonates most with you. So, discover the TWICE era that speaks to your musical soul!

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Beyond the Albums: The Allure of TWICE

TWICE’s impact transcends chart-topping albums. Their live performances are legendary! Those synchronized dance routines, powerful vocals, and infectious energy make every concert a spectacle. From their early days on “SIXTEEN” to their hilarious appearances on shows like “Knowing Bros,” TWICE showcases their comedic timing and undeniable charm.

Their journey from trainees to global superstars is an inspiration for aspiring artists. Additionally, their recent chart-topping masterpiece, With You-th, released in 2024, is a testament to their global dominance. This album, featuring both Korean tracks and English versions of their hits, became their first No. 1 album on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart, solidifying their position as a global powerhouse. “With You-th” also achieved impressive results on other major charts worldwide, receiving positive critical reception for its diverse sounds and catchy melodies.

Continuing their world domination, TWICE kicked off their “READY TO BE” world tour in early 2024, most recently captivating fans with a sold-out show at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium in March. With rumors swirling about upcoming tour dates, one thing’s for sure: ONCEs around the world can’t wait to see TWICE live!

twice members twice merchandise twice merch twice albums twice discography TWICE comeback 2024
Image source: X (Twitter)


The future is shimmering with possibilities for TWICE. They haven’t just dominated the charts with their comebacks – they’re making history too! We can expect them to keep pushing musical boundaries and exploring new sounds while staying true to their signature style. They were the first K-Pop group to win a Breakthrough Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards (2023). The first girl group and Asian act to sell out the massive SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles last year.

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