We now accept TransferWise

Dear Client,

We are happy to tell you that we accept TransferWise as your new payment method. TransferWise offers a cheap way to send money to about 80 countries. You can save money by paying for our services through TransferWise, and the payment processing fee will be 2.5%, which is much lower than using PayPal or credit cards.  

TransferWise is a multi-currency account that allows sending money worldwide using your own currency via bank transfer, debit card, wire transfer, or other supported methods. Due to its use of the middle market exchange rates and its small transfer fees, we added TransferWise as a new option for payment.

You can send us in advance a deposit that will be converted to our credits so that you can use them to pay for purchasing, shipping, and other services later on.

1 Credit = US$1

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support at support@delivered.co.kr. We are always happy to help!

Learn How to Pay with TransferWise