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If you’re a K-Pop fan, you definitely know about “photocards.” Basically, photocards are small collectible cards featuring K-pop idols, often included as bonuses in albums or merch collections like Season’s Greetings, etc., and they can come in a variety of designs, like solo shots, group photos, or themed concepts. In K-Pop, specifically, photocards have become a huge part of fandom culture, as fans work hard to collect and trade them to complete sets or get their favorite members (they are even worn as accessories, and decorating photocards has become a way that fans can show their individuality). With photocards ranging from 1 to 2 dollars all the way to hundreds of dollars, photocard trading has given birth to dedicated trading communities and online marketplaces.

Overall, photocard collecting adds an interactive and personalized element to the K-pop fan experience. But here’s the catch: not all photocards are created equal, and there’s a clear difference between official photocards, which are made and sold by the artists’ companies, and unofficial photocards, which are typically fan-made. Today, we’re diving deep into several ways that you can order official photocards to add to your collection without having to buy the entire album! Let’s go!

DK X Bunjang collab

photocards kpop photocards bunjang photocards photo cards BTS photocards twice photocards stray kids photocards
Image source: delivered.co.kr

The first way you can buy official photocards is through Delivered Korea’s collaboration with Bunjang Global. The DKshop has recently teamed up with Bunjang, South Korea’s largest online second-hand trading platform. With a user base comprising over a quarter of the country’s population, mainly young Korean fans who trade valuable items related to their favorite idols, such as photocards, collaborative products, signed albums, and more, Bunjang is an amazing place to find rare photocards and collectors’ items. Traditionally, ordering off Bunjang has been very complicated to near-impossible for global fans — however, the new partnership between Bunjang and Delivered Korea simplifies the process of buying exclusive items available only in Korea, opening the market to the international K-Pop fandom.

Here is how it works: once you’ve chosen what you want on the Bunjang Global website, you just click “Buy Now” to be redirected to Delivered Korea for ordering and shipping. Let’s say you’re after a rare K-pop photocard set only found in Korea. The first thing you have to do is find the set on Bunjang Global and add it to your cart. Then, instead of dealing with complicated processes, click “Checkout,” and you will be forwarded to Delivered Korea for payment. With this seamless integration between Bunjang Global and Delivered Korea, K-pop fans worldwide can now easily buy exclusive merch straight from Korea—making it an effortless way to buy official photocards!

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DK X POCAMARKET / Random Photocard Packs

photocards kpop photocards POCA photocards POCAMARKET photo cards BTS photocards twice photocards stray kids photocards
Image source: shop.delivered.co.kr

And that’s just the start! On top of their partnership with Bunjang, Delivered Korea also sells K-Pop photocards from POCAMARKET, which is one of the biggest — if not the biggest! — official photocard trading platforms. On the DKshop, you can browse and order “Random Photocard Packs” from popular boy groups such as BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, and many more, as well as girl groups like BLACKPINK, aespa, NewJeans, and even Red Velvet and STAYC. These photocards are sourced from albums, season’s greatings, fan club events, concerts, and other authentic sources, all meticulously quality-inspected by POCAMARKET. Plus, they come secured in top loaders for added protection. By buying photocard packs, you don’t need to buy a million versions of the same album or find a random fan on Instagram who is willing to trade in order to get a photocard of your bias.

Plus, the DKshop also has its own “Mystery Photocard Packs” for both boy groups and girl groups, including top artists like ZEROBASEONE, ENHYPEN, and NewJeans. With the mystery factor, random photocard packs like these have become more and more popular, adding to the fun excitement: you never know what or who you’re going to get until the card is right in front of you!

POB Options

photocards kpop photocards POCA photocards POCAMARKET photocards photo cards stray kids photocards POB Only
Image source: shop.delivered.co.kr

Finally, if you know that you want a photocard from a specific album’s POB, the DKshop has a new feature for pre-ordering K-Pop albums: The POB Selectable option. What is a POB? Well, “POB” stands for “pre-order benefit,” and it means the items that come with ordering an album during the pre-order period, like exclusive photocards and posters, etc. So, with the new options, if you want a specific photocard, you can easily choose the POBs you want included in your album as you are pre-ordering. What’s more, as you are ordering an album, you get two new choices: 1. Album + POB and 2. POB Only (No Album Included). By choosing the second option, you can significantly decrease your shipping costs since the order will be lighter without the album!

What’s more, if you’d like to reduce shipping costs by receiving only the POBs without the albums, DKshop provides a 20% discount on the total amount, and the shipping fee will be based on the actual weight of the POB only, ensuring a more affordable delivery. If you are interested in this option, DKshop team can create a custom order and send you an invoice. For more details, please contact at shop@delivered.co.kr.

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Overall, these new POB Selectable and POB-only options give you more flexibility and control over your album purchases and allow you to customize your orders to get the items and photocards that you are most interested in—plus, with the option to order just the POBs without the album, you can save money, making it a more cost-effective way to collect your favorite items. Saving costs as a K-Pop fan is especially important these days, as, according to the Statista Research Department, fans in the US spend about eight dollars, on average, a month on K-Pop!

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photocards kpop photocards bunjang photocards photo cards BTS photocards twice photocards stray kids photocards
Image source: shop.delivered.co.kr

Altogether, if you are looking to buy official K-pop photocards, you have a huge range of options to choose from — whether that’s through Delivered Korea’s collaboration with Bunjang, random photocard packs from POCAMARKET sold on the DKshop, or the new POB-Only option, you have more accessibility and control than ever. This not only makes it easier for global fans to get official photocards and merch, but it also boosts the overall K-Pop fandom by making curated and quality-inspected items directly from Korea way more accessible for all fans around the world. What photocard do you have your eye on? Do you have a specific group that you like to collect? If you want to purchase official K-pop photocards and have them delivered quickly to your doorstep, consider using Delivered Korea’s ‘WeBuy and Ship’ or ‘You Buy We Ship’ services’ or the DKshop.

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