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Do you need someone from Korea to forward your packages? Delivered Korea offers you a free Korean address for shipping, which you can use to deliver your products after purchasing from any Korean online stores such as weverse shop, gmarket, coupang, interpark, and so on. We will then forward your items directly to you no matter where you are in the world. This is the package forwarding service of Delivered Korea.

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  1. Click YOU BUY ORDERS on the top.
  2. Click MY INCOMING PACKAGE FORM button to fill out your order information.

  1. Write the order details including domestic tracking number.
  2. Provide the item price and quantity that you purchased. 
  3. Attach a screenshot which shows the value of the goods at the moment of purchase to avoid issues with customs clearance.


  • It must be written in English.
  • If you do not know the domestic tracking number of your order yet, DELIVERED will create the Incoming Order Form with tracking number on your behalf when your package arrives in our warehouse, and notify you to fill out the rest of order details.

1. If your Incoming Order Form has been successfully submitted, you will see the above pop-up.

2. Go back to YOU BUY ORDERS page, and click the arrow to view the order details.

1. When your package arrives in our warehouse, your package status will change to RECEIVED as above.
2. Click on MY PACKAGES to arrange shipping or request warehousing services such as consolidation and Repackage of your package(s).

1. Go to MY PACKAGES and click the right arrow to see the details of the product you purchased, and then click the checkbox on the left to move it to the cart.

2. Select the shipping address you want to ship (add and change the shipping address is available at MY ACCOUNT SETTING) and select the desired delivery option. Then click the CHECKOUT button.

3. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Delivered's balance. Please check if the payment amount is correct again and press OK.

Delivery period may vary depending on the destination country and the delivery option you have selected. Also, we will send you the notification e-mail including tracking number when the package is shipped from our warehouse.

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