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Our shipping rates vary based on a few different factors, such as package dimensions, package weight, etc.

To get a free shipping quotation, please use our Shipping Calculator. Multiple shipping options (and prices) may appear based on the information you enter. Please note that shipping costs will be charged based on the actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

Link to: What Is Meant by “Dimensional Weight?


Handling Fee:
US$5 flat per order
(up to 5 items from the same store)

Payment Processing Fee:
(Credit card, Online payment gateway) 5% of the item price, plus the domestic shipping cost (if applicable)

YOU BUY AND SHIP (FREE Korean address)

Shipment Price

Receiving Fee (optional):

Free WITH “You Buy, We Ship Form” submitted
US $5 WITHOUT “You Buy, We Ship Form” submitted

Consolidation or Repack fee (optional):

$2 per package if you request

Below are some services we provide that do incur fees.


US$10 return handling fee per package (for packages with prepaid return labels)

Contents verification (Quantity, Inserts, etc):

Photo Request:

US$2.00 per photo


US$2 per package

Split Package:

US$5.00 per package

FREE storage period:

1 month FREE from the date of receipt. US$10 per package monthly after 1-month free use. (Unknown packages without any notice will be disposed of after the FREE storage period. Therefore, please make sure to submit ‘You Buy, We Ship Form’ before your package arrives in our warehouse)

Scanned copies of invoices or other documents:

US$2 per package

We reserve the right to change our fee structure in the future. We may add a premium, paid services as our business grows based on customer demand.

Please make sure to submit ‘You Buy and Ship form’ before your package arrives in our warehouse.

Packages received without prior notice will be charged a $5/package service fee, and unknown packages without prior will be disposed of after 1 month of free storage period according to our policy.

We do not take any responsibility for the disposal of your packages.

Over 50 items of the same product per order?

Learn about our services for high volume shippers and request a custom quote.
We will try get the best deal for you!

Return / Exchange

If you would like to return a package that has been delivered to us, please contact the merchant and request a pre-paid return label.

Split A Package

You can split a package into two or more packages. Simply fill out a request form and any specific instructions on how you would like the products split.


If your package arrives damaged, broken, missing any items – or doesn’t arrive at all – please fill out this form to file a claim with DELIVERED.

Contact Us

If you have any other requests, Please contact us. We will be in touch within 1~2 business days.