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Q. What’s the difference between DK Money & DK Points (Credits)?
A. You may view ‘DK points’ as credits and ‘DK Money’ as a deposit that you can later use to pay for products, shipping, and handling fees.

You can see the balance in separate tabs on the ACCOUNT BALANCE page. Simply click on the headline, “DK Money” or “DK Points (Credits)“, to open a respective tab.

account balance

Q. How to send money to my DK account?
A. You can send money to your DK account through wire transfer or Paypal. We are offering 3% bonus DK Point for the amount sent by wire transfer.


If you want to deposit DK money by wire transfer, please refer to the following bank details and submit the DK Money Top Up Request Form  after the transfer. If you want to make payment using WISE, please visit HERE to get to know the details. 


  • Name of the Business: DELIVERED KOREA CO.,LTD.
  • Account Number:100-036-074102 (KRW accepted only)
  • Swift Code : SHBKKRSE
  • Bank Address: 1498, U 2-DONG, HAEUNDAE-GU, Busan, Korea


※ Please fill out the DK Money Top Up Request Form once your wire transfer is done.

※ Add your Suite number to the payment remark field during wire transfer.

※ It usually takes 2~3 business days to confirm your payment. 

※ Incorrect information might delay payment confirmation process.

※ 3% bonus DK POINT will be automatically added to the amount to be transferred to your DK account.

※ In the case of DK Money, applies NO cash refund policy. This means that the money you send as a deposit is NOT refundable.

※ DK Money and DK point expire after 5 years from the date it was topped up.



If you choose to top up your DK money with Paypal, please note that the sum must be in US$  even if the account from which you send money is in your local currency. Add Funds” button and click “OK” to confirm in the pop-up window*.


*Please make sure to unblock pop-up windows on our website.

account balance 1

Q. How to pay using DK Money & DK Points (Credits)?
A. Using both DK Points and DK Money is very simple. You may pay with PayPal or Card, DK Points, DK Money, or a combination of those payment methods.

account balance 2

To pay with a combination of, for example, DK Points, DK Money, and PayPal, you should first enter the sum(s) you’d like to pay with DK Points and DK Money and click the “Pay with PayPal” button.

You’ll be charged the difference between the original cost and the sum of credits you entered.

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