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Our Story

The people behind the boxes are a multi-disciplined team of professionals with a background in technology, marketing, and logistics. We came together with one aim; to share our favorite Korean products with the world. In Korea, we often meet tourists who tell us that they wish they could find our products back home — many people even visit just for the shopping — so we decided to find a way to make it accessible to the world.

Korean products are not the only thing we want to share. In Korean culture, we cherish warmth (정, 情) and cheerfulness (흥, 興), and we want to share that through our interactions and communication with our customers. You can find these values melded everywhere in Korean culture and ‘Hallyu’; K-pop, K-drama, K-products, and K-culture. So when we send you a package, just know we’re sending you a smile.

Delivered Korea began as a parcel forwarding service and a personal shopper service before we accelerated into global dropshipping. We take great delight in seeing our products traveling to new homes all across the world; from K-pop fans, BTS ARMY, Korean beauty lovers, Korean fashion lovers, and Koreans living overseas. To achieve our mission, we are always looking for better and brighter ways for the customers to receive their goods easily, speedily, and affordably; from our home to yours.


People all over the world fall in love with Korean products and we want to be the ultimate match-makers between Korean sellers and global buyers. Our mission is to help people everywhere easily discover, buy, receive, and sell the best Korean products for the best prices; accelerating cross-border e-commerce from our home to yours.


Expertise: Smooth shipping takes experience. To achieve our mission, we work with the best and brightest experts in e-commerce, technology, marketing, and logistics.

Innovativeness: We make the complexities of logistics look simple, thanks to leading technology, responsive adoption of consumer trends and market demands, and creative problem-solving.

Cheerfulness: Kindness is at the core of Korean culture and we want to share that with you in our service. Warm-heartedness and cheerful communication are our daily companions.

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Countries we ship to worldwide


Maximum savings for international shipments


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On-time shipments and order accuracy

What We Do

We offer fast, reliable and efficient package, mail and freight forwarding to over 220 countries.

Partners With Our Platform

Get discounted rates from 12+ couriers

Why Delivered?


Our parent company has been in the global logistics and fulfillment business since 2008. DELIVERED is excited about taking that experience to B2C customers.


Our customer service team communicates promptly and honestly to meet your needs in your language.


We help you save money by finding you the lowest prices, buys you the best deals available, and consolidate your products.

Advanced Technology

Our logistic platform makes shipping faster, easier, and more affordable.

We are committed to

Connecting The World And South Korea

Founded in 2008, Delivered began with a singular vision: to lower the barriers of the Korean E-commerce market to global buyers. We are dedicated to helping international shoppers have access to and buy products from South Korea.

Our team of Logistics, IT, and Customer Support experts are always focused on helping people worldwide buy easily, pay less, and speedily receive their Korean orders.

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