Korea Package Forwarding

DELIVERED: Package Forwarder in Korea

Delivered Korea is one of the leading package forwarding company in South Korea that helps to minimize international shipping costs for customers worldwide. As Korea, as a country, and its manufactured goods started gaining popularity across the world, our mission became transparent and that was to help as many people from foreign countries get their hands on and enjoy the Korean products fast and cost-effectively. Over the past decade, the demand in package forwarding service has seen a huge increase alongside the usage of online shopping and growth in the ecommerce industry. 

Package Forwarding Process

We minimize costs here and there when it comes to international shipping.

You Purchase Goods in South Korea

You purchase a product(s) from any Korean online shopping sites.

Ship Goods To Us

We'll ask you to ship the purchased goods to our free Korean address.

We Ship To You

We'll have your goods internationally shipped to your target country.

You Receive Goods

Your goods will get to its final destination fast, accurately and safely.

Inquire Package Forwarding Service

Any questions on our domestic and international package forwarding services in South Korea? Feel free to ask at anytime and our friendly support staff will be able to help you out.