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Are you a group order manager? Do you host a K-pop group order?

Delivered Korea provides high-quality warehouse and international shipping services for group order managers (GOMs). We will take care of all the hassles and you focus on meeting the needs of your followers and customers in your social media channel.

Use our warehouse address for receiving packages from suppliers

Consolidate packages and send them internationally with competitive shipping rates

Track all the package status on our website dashboard

What We Offer for GOM Shipping Service

consolidation service

Consolidation Service

You can save a lot of shipping costs by using our consolidation service. Delivered Korea will combine all the packages you ordered from different shopping sites.

split service

Split Service

If you would like to separate your orders, we can split your original package into multiple packages for you to arrange shipping separately.

Intuitive Dashboard

You can request different packaging services such as consolidation and repackaging in our dashboard system, which is designed for easy navigation and simple requests for your wanted packaging services.

double protection

Double Protection

If your packages are heavy then you can use our durable plastic corrugated box service. if you worry about any damage, you can use our extra bubble wrapping service in our dashboard. Just simply click the extra packaging service and you are all set.

fast international shipping goms

Fast International Shipping

Become our member today to enjoy fast and hassle-free international shipping on your every order. 99.8% of shipments we dispatch are on-time and accurate.

lost shipping costs

Lost Shipping Costs

Start saving up to 80% on international shipping through Delivered Korea. You can easily get your free global delivery estimates by using our shipping calculator.

Use our GOM Shipping Service

Get your free Korean address with Delivered Korea and start saving on all international shipping.

Korean address: 3F, 227-1 Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Suite# (ZIP 48553)

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