How can I request optional packing service?

We are glad to announce that we’ve now added a new feature enabling you to request below optional packing services directly on your dashboard.

How to request optional packing service during Consolidation / Repackage request:

1. Go to My packages after log-in to your Delivered account.

2. Select package(s) to be consolidated/repackaged and click ‘Consolidation’ or ‘Repackage’.

For Consolidation
For Repackage

3. On your PC, click “+” icon next to the selected package to display optional packing services available to choose from. On mobile version, select ‘OPTION PRICE LIST’ at the bottom and then “+” icon next to the selected package.

4. Select optional packing service(s) you would like to request from the drop-down menu (multiple options are available).

  • Bubble wrap
  • Vacuum pack
  • Plastic box
  • B2B packing : By selecting this option, Delivered-branded sticker and name card will be removed from your package.

5. Click “Submit”

6. You will receive a notification email once your request has been completed. Please estimate 12~24 business hours for your request to be processed.


Please note that once Consolidation or Repackage has been done, it cannot be undone since the package will be transferred  to the loading area for being ready to be shipped.  If you need our assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected]