How can I request an optional packing service?

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We are glad to announce that we’ve now added a new feature enabling you to request below optional packing services directly on your dashboard.

How to request optional packing service during Consolidation / Repackage request:

1. Go to MY PACKAGES after logging in to your Delivered Korea account.

2. Select package(s) to be consolidated/repackaged and click ‘Consolidation’ or ‘Repackage’.

For Consolidation

For Repackage

3. On your PC, click the “+” icon next to the selected package to display optional packing services available to choose from. On the mobile version, select ‘OPTION PRICE LIST’ at the bottom and then the “+” icon next to the selected package.

4. Select the optional packing service(s) you would like to request from the drop-down menu (multiple options are available) and an additional service charge will be added for each selected option.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Vacuum pack
  • Remove Papertube: We will remove the paper tube and fold posters into the package to reduce the volume weight of your package.
  • Plastic box
  • B2B packing: By selecting this option, the Delivered-branded sticker and name card will be removed from your package.

5. Click “Submit”

6. You will receive a notification email once your request has been completed. Please estimate 12~24 business hours for your request to be processed.


  • Please note that once Consolidation or Repackage has been done, it cannot be undone since the package will be transferred to the loading area to be ready to be shipped.
  • Please note that these additional services may be canceled during processing if they cannot be applied to your package.

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