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Korea happens to be the global hub of new trends. Whether it is the wildly popular shopping products attributed to the K-pop and K-beauty industries or the newly rising K-fashion industry, Korea is synonymous with products people just love. All around the world, many people hop on the first opportunity to get clothes, accessories, skincare, and cosmetics from Korea when they see their favorite singers and actors wearing them.

In addition to that, most Korean products have an air of great quality and thoughtful design. The products show that designers and manufacturers in Korea go above and beyond to add quality-of-life improvements that even customers themselves wouldn’t normally think of.

However, that is exactly where our biggest problem lies. While Korea’s online stores have great products, many of them only ship to their local Korean customers and do not ship globally. This can be frustrating due to them being in so much demand. To answer the forever-asked question of how to get products from Korea, let’s explore how getting a personal shopper in South Korea or a “middleman” may be the perfect solution.

10 reasons for hiring a personal buying agent in south korea delivered korea

Cost-Effective Shipping

Personal buying agents and organizations ensure that not only are your products from Korea shipped to you safely and quickly, but also that it happens at the cheapest shipping rates. Many of them often partner up with shipping agencies like FedEx, KoreaPost, and more to get exclusive rates on your shipping orders. At Delivered Korea, we take pride in our partners for shipping to these countries.


Lowest Rates for Korean Products

Getting a personal buying agent in South Korea to buy the Korean products you love means that they are able to utilize their strong local connections to ensure that you get the product at the cheapest rates. Having someone else buy for you means that you no longer need to scour through the pricing of your favorite cosmetic item or clothing on every Korean online marketplace just to compare them.

Our We Buy and Ship model saves you the hassle of browsing hundreds of web pages to find the product you want to buy and figuring out international shipping prices all on your own.


Transparent Pricing

Not only is it significantly cheaper to procure products through a personal buying agent in South Korea, some websites even let you know exactly how much cheaper it actually is through a transparent shipping price calculator. Once you log into the page and track the packages you want to buy, you can take a peek at the fares you will be covering and how much money you have saved along the way.

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Language Barriers

Perhaps the biggest reason why hiring a personal shopper in South Korea is considered wise is because many of the local online marketplaces in Korea only have their websites in Korean, which creates a language barrier for everyone else around the world.

Many customers do not know how to navigate such websites, especially considering that many of them do not have a built-in language switcher for English. However, having a personal buying consultant saves you hours upon hours that could have been spent browsing complicated websites in a language you do not understand.


Dropshipping Desirable Products

If you were hoping to sell Korean products under your own brand name and ecommerce business, there is no better option than working with a hired personal buying agent. Whether you are unfamiliar with the Korean marketplace, the prospect of sourcing products from a country you have not visited, or even the nitty-gritty details such as warehousing, the dropshipping option can be a huge help.

New markets are especially risky, so personal buying consultants often guide you on how to deal with the suppliers you have already struck a deal with, or help you seek new suppliers within South Korea, from South Korea. We pride ourselves in providing free Korean addresses for shipping, with package forwarding services for all your international shipping orders.


Consolidating Packages

The worst mistake you can end up with when ordering internationally is paying shipping separately for each individual product you buy. The biggest perk of getting a personal shopper in South Korea is that you can consolidate shipping for all your orders to save up to 80% of your shipping costs which, admittedly, adds up to a large sum of money in the long run. The only reasons this is possible is due to a personal buying consultant acting as a ‘middleman’, purchasing things first-hand and shipping them to you at the best rates.

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Virtual Korean Address

To help with the legitimacy of your order in the online Korean marketplace, some hired personal buying consultants will provide you with a free-of-cost virtual Korean address that you can use as endless warehousing space to stock up on all the retail products that you need to buy. Over time, once you have accumulated what you need, you can save hundreds of dollars in shipping costs alone by shipping them together in bulk.


Saves Time on Procurement

In line with our discussion of language barriers earlier, it is worth pointing out that some niche products are just difficult to find in general, especially in online marketplaces. This is where your hired personal buying agent comes in, using their linkages and connections to the marketspace in Korea to find an item that would otherwise be out of stock online or not as easily available.

After all, many consumers tend to opt for personal buying consultants because their American Asian store counterparts have run out of stock for something that they really wanted to purchase.


Payment Methods

Another hindrance that you might come across when shopping for Korean products online, even if you were to get past the language barrier and the painstaking search process, is that some stores do not accept globally accepted payment gateways like Mastercard and Visa, opting to rely on local Korean payment services. This is where a hired personal agent comes into the picture, being able to purchase directly for you from within Korea (check out our We Buy and Ship service).

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Better Customer Service

Different stores in South Korea will have varying degrees of customer assistance, but having a hired personal buying agent for Korean products ensures that you have a direct and responsive communication loop with an agent or an organization, if things were to ever go wrong. You can use this channel to inform of any refunds, a change of mind, or simply order quantity changes.

We have been doing global logistics for more than a decade, with a dedicated and highly responsive customer-centric approach that allows you to always stay in touch with our team.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are so many benefits of purchasing products through a personal shopper in South Korea. Whether it is cheaper and transparent pricing for shipping, saving you time by overcoming any language barriers and inaccessible payment gateways, or creating the entire backbone for a Korean product-based dropshipping business, Delivered Korea can help!

We use our experience and industry connections to make sure that we can provide the simplest and most rewarding buying and shipping experience for Korean products, working with people and organizations from all over the world. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest cross-border e-commerce technologies so you can rest assured that your orders are in safe hands.

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