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As the weather gets warmer, spring fashion is preparing to come back once again. Thanks to the influences of K-pop and K-drama fashion, spring Korean fashion trends are sure to be highly anticipated by its legion of fans – making it the emerging fashion capital of the world. The past year saw the domination of Y2K-inspired style, including body-hugging crop tops, chunky footwear and oversized baggy jeans. This year, the Y2K influence is expected to continue, with several exciting additions to take it forward. So, what are the hottest things in spring Korean fashion right now? Continue reading to find out.

Chunky heels

Chunky heels Thumbnail
Image source: M!Countdown
The high soles are still ruling Korean spring fashion in 2024, with demand for chunky heels and sneakers showing no sign of slowing down. Whether it’s girly Mary Janes or bulky boots, platform shoes will still be the shoes of choice this season. Local brands like Matin Kim began to redefine how chunky shoes could look beyond the typical models. From popular favorites like suede platforms to quirky designs like padded loafers, you can always count on this brand to put their own unique twists to trendy fashion.

Coquette x Ballet Core

Coquette x Ballet Core Thumbnail
Image source: instagram.com
First seen on popular girl groups like NewJeans and Le Sserafim, the ultra feminine ballet core and coquette trends are in full swing this spring. The two aesthetics are intertwined with one another. They share key visual points like soft pastel colors, pretty ribbons, laces, satin, and dainty shoes to create the image of dreamy girlhood. And no Korean fashion brand embodies these better than Pehrt. Already seen on NewJeans’ Haerin and Red Velvet’s Joy, the brand has perfected the youthful coquette/ballet core look characterized by the use of ribbons, miniskirts, pleats and fuzzy materials throughout their collections.

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Puffy Sleeves

Puffy Sleeves Thumbnail
Image source: GOENJ.com

The warmer weather means time to say goodbye to thick bulky winter clothes and hello to fluffy outfits. This spring, cute puffy sleeves are all the rage among the girls. Dresses with dramatic silhouettes and lightweight materials will be the outfits of choice for those wanting that feminine yet comfy look. If that is you, opt for Korean fashion brands like Hyein Seo and GOEN.J’s offerings of lovingly structured puffy sleeve dresses and tops.


Cropped Everything

Cropped Everything Thumbnail
Image source: instagram.com
Still high on the Y2K mania, the Korean spring fashion trend will still be dominated by all things crop. Slim fit and skin baring, crop fashion style flatters the figure in a playful way. While it used to be simple midriff-baring cuts most of the time, the crop style has gotten more creative over the seasons, with a greater variety of cuts and fabrics. Check out what whynotus and Ronron- a brand loved by it-girls like Jennie of Blackpink and Irene Kim – is doing to jolt some new excitement into this crop trend.


Knitted Thumbnail
Image source: instagram.com
Cute knits will still reign supreme this season. This is not your grandma’s knitted sweater, brands like OiOi, Afterhours, and KYE continue to evolve their own takes on knitwear, with explorations on patterns, fabrics, and cuts that take the knit game to the next level. Everyone from Taeyeon of Girls Generation to Seulgi of Red Velvet have been seen wearing it regularly, proving its enduring popularity among Korea’s most stylish stars.


Gorpcore Thumbnail
Image source: Thisisneverthat & hyein se
Comfort is the name of the game this spring, as gorpcore remains one of the most prominent trends. Gorpcore, which incorporates outdoor wear into street fashion, has been gaining popularity for years. Striking the right balance between convenience and chicness, gorpcore style includes stuff like jerseys, training pants, and windbreakers. It is sporty, cool and most importantly, unisex-friendly. K-brands like Hyein Seo and Thisisneverthat embrace this aesthetic in their collections.

Nerdy chic

Nerdy chic Thumbnail
Image source: Gentle Monster
Who says eyeglasses are just for nerds? Nowadays, eyeglasses are no longer shunned in the fashion game, with K-pop stars Karina of aespa and Hyunjin of Stray Kids proudly sporting them at airport appearances. With their sleek designs and fun campaigns, the #1 Korean sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER continuously elevates the eyewear game to the next level. Their sharp designs emphasize your bold gaze and imbue your look with an aura of intelligence and intensity.

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim Thumbnail
Image source: WOOYOUNGMI
Having fallen out of favor, since the early 2000s, the denim on denim trend has finally come back around. As seen on the collections of WOOYOUNGMI and Andersson Bell, the layering of multiple denims of different patterns and shades creates a distinct aesthetic that is at once bold and classy. Unisex and easy to mix and match, expect this trend to start popping up everywhere as the sunnier days arrive and entice everyone to embrace the warmth of sky blue denim of all shades.

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Asymmetrical Thumbnail
Image source: Andersson Bell
As a statement piece, nothing is more effective than asymmetrical fashion. Conformity can be boring, so show your irreverent side with daring asymmetrical pieces that deconstruct the rules of dressing. Seen on the collection of Andersson Bell and others, this is the kind of aesthetic that gets you noticed – something that the coolest kids in Seoul are drawn to in droves this spring.


Layered Thumbnail
Image source: twitter.com
Just because it is springtime, doesn’t mean you can go wrong with some layering. Yuse’s layering of different types of tops creates a bold and sassy look for the fiercest personalities out there. As seen on Chaewon of Le Sserafim and Ryujin of Itzy, this style combines feminine dressing with a bit of sporty spiciness resulting in eye-catching final looks.


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