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Exploring the Enchanting World of Sonny Angels

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Ready to discover a world of cute collectibles? Sonny Angels are irresistible angel figurines beloved for their charm and variety. In addition to their cherubic faces and whimsical designs, what sets Sonny Angels apart is their diverse range of themed collections, each offering a unique assortment of characters with playful concepts ranging from animals to fruits, sweets, and even seasonal themes like Christmas or your birthday. But, whether youʼre building a collection inspired by animals and delicious desserts, or you just want an adorable figure to brighten up your desk, Sonny Angels has something for everyone!

In this article, weʼll be diving headfirst into the world of Sonny Angels, from their most popular collections to some of the bestselling figures. So, if youʼre all set, letʼs get started!

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Unveiling the Allure of Sonny Angels

The standard Sonny Angel figure typically stands around 7.5 centimeters (approximately 3 inches) tall, and each angel is delicately sculpted in a characteristic pose, usually with rosy cheeks and an innocent expression. One of the unique features of Sonny Angels is their blind box format: instead of being able to choose specific figures, some collectors buy sealed boxes (known as “blind boxesˮ) without knowing which angel is inside. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the collecting experience

Plus, collecting Sonny Angels offers a range of benefits beyond simply getting new cute figurines! Many collectors actually find that their collection relieves their stress, hile the joy of finding new figures and finishing themed series can bring a big sense of accomplishment and satisfaction—whatʼs more, trading doubles has created a community among Sonny Angel collectors which also adds to the fun.

Diving into the Series


Animal Series

Now, let’s get into the collections themselves! The most extensive series in the Sonny Angels collection is the animal series. Renowned for its diverse array of creatures, within the animal series, several popular collections stand out, each showcasing a unique theme and selection of cute creatures. For example, the “Marineˮ collection transports you to the depths of the ocean with angels inspired by sea life like the shark, whale, starfish, and even a seal angel!

Meanwhile, the “Zooˮ collection brings the wild wonders of the animal kingdom to life with figures of monkey, rabbit, tiger, and polar bear angels. Plus, the “Safariˮ collection invites adventurers on a journey through the savannah, featuring creatures of the African wilderness, including a lion angel, gorilla angel, cheetah angel, and more! Alongside these fan favorites, other bestselling collections such as the “Farmˮ, “Petˮ, and “Catˮ series cater to an even wider range of Sonny Angels fans.

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Food Series

Another one of the most popular Sonny Angels collections is the “Vegetableˮ series. This collection stands out for its fun variety of vegetable-themed figurines, capturing the imagination of collectors with its intricately designed produce-inspired characters. From the crunchy carrot angel to the juicy tomato angel, this series offers a cornucopia of veggie figures to choose from! Plus, figures like the garlic and peas angels showcase the diverse textures and shapes that set the “Vegetableˮ series apart—whether it’s the pretty radish or the corn angel proudly displaying its golden kernels, collectors are sure to be charmed by these playful vegetable angels.

What’s more, if you want a food-themed Sonny Angel, but donʼt like vegetables, then there is also the “Fruitˮ series. This fresh collection includes classic collectibles like the peach, raspberry orange, pear, strawberry, grape, melon, and apple angels—as well as summer fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and even dragon fruit and durian Sonny Angels!



Next, perfect for collectors, Sonny Angels not only has countless full-sized collections, but it also has three sets of pretty mini-figures (named “Hippers”): the “Dreamingˮ series, the “Harvestˮ series, and the original “HIPPERSˮ collection. The “Harvestˮ series features an assortment of fruit and vegetable- themed mini angels—similar to the full-sized “Vegetableˮ or “Fruitˮ series, the miniature figures of the “Harvestˮ series capture the flavor of nature’s produce in adorable detail and include everything from the apple angel to the carrot angel. Meanwhile, the “Dreamingˮ series transports collectors to a world of whimsy and wonder. Including the drowsy mouse, slumbering duck, and gentle fawn, each figure of the “Dreamingˮ series gives a sense of calm and serenity, perfect for a bedroom space. Completing the trio is the original “HIPPERSˮ collection, which features mini versions of some of Sonny Angels’ most beloved animal characters like the elephant, panda, and regal lion. All in all, these mini-figures pack a punch!

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Holiday Series

Lastly, in the world of Sonny Angels, the holiday season brings a special kind of magic, as festive sets, like the “Christmas Ornamentˮ collection and the

beloved “Birthday Bearˮ, capture the hearts of collectors around the world. For example, the “Christmas Ornamentˮ collection has each angel dressed as a

fantastical animal-themed tree ornament—picture a tree decorated with cute reindeer, cheetah, koala, rabbit, sloth, and sheep angels!

Another standout in the Sonny Angels lineup is the beloved “Birthday Bearˮ , a favorite among fans. This charming bear comes in several colors, each fitted with a festive accessory to mark the occasion—whether it’s holding a

differently shaped “Happy Birthday” balloon, a birthday cake, a birthday

present, or a heart, the “Birthday Bearˮ adds a playful touch to any birthday celebration. Whether you’re decorating your home with the “Christmas Ornamentˮ collection or commemorating a special day with the “Birthday Bearˮ, Sonny Angels offers a delightfully cute way to bring joy to any occasion.


Other Popular Series

Here’s a brief overview of some of the many other collections of Sonny Angels:

  • Flower Series: This series features Sonny Angels adorned with colorful flowers. Some of the popular flower Sonny Angels include the rose, sunflower, and tulip angels, among others.
  • Costume & Sweets Series: In the “Costumeˮ series, you can also dress as your favorite angel with several full-sized headdresses to choose from!
    Plus, indulge your sweet tooth with the “Sweetsˮ series, where the angels come as yummy treats like pancakes, candy, and popcorn, adding a dash of sweetness to any collection.
  • Love Series: Finally, spread the love with the Sonny Angel “Loveˮ series. In this range, a set of rabbit Sonny Angels holds a variety of love-themed objects like a rose, a box of chocolates, and a teddy bear, among others, making the perfect gift!


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