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BTS, or Bangtan Seonyeondan, is the leading KPOP boy group of this generation. Since their debut in 2013, they have been taking huge steps to continually dominate the international music scene. In 2020, they reached #1 in Billboard Hot 100 and a first nomination to Grammys, which is a huge feat for a KPOP group.

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This is the reason why ARMYs, or BTS fans, want anything that has to do with BTS. And that includes BTS merchandise that they collect as a show of support for the group. Here is a guide for BTS merchandise, both official and unofficial, that you can purchase for your “fangirlying” needs:

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BTS OFFICIAL Merchandise


BTS albums are probably one of the least expensive merchandise that an ARMY can buy. But it is also the most important one can have. Why? Album sales can determine BTS’ success and recognition in the music industry. That is why it is essential to buy albums where the sales can be counted on Billboard, Hanteo, or Gaon.

bts albums and dvds

It is not hard to find albums, as they are almost everywhere. They could be on your favorite online shops like kpoptown, kpopmart, and of course, weverse shop. You can also find them at KPOP stores, department or grocery stores near you. Aside from the CD, it includes a photobook, a random photocard and a freebie.

BigHit Entertainment also release DVD copies of BTS concerts, documentaries, and special events like FESTA (Anniversary) and Muster (Fan Meeting). They are a bit expensive than albums as they include rare behind-the-scene clips. But seeing them as a collection of BTS-ARMY memories, this is surely a grab!

ARMY BOMB Lightstick

Lightstick is a must-have for a KPOP fan. It is a unique way to identify yourself to a fandom. During joint KPOP concerts, you will see a variety of these lightsticks with different colors from every part of the crowd.

army bomb lightstick delivered korea

ARMYs are represented by an ARMY Bomb. The first version is simple without any color. But as the fans continue to grow, BigHit Entertainment released newer versions that would cater to the needs of ARMYs during a BTS concert. The latest version, ARMY BOMB Version 4, can now be controlled through an app to change into different colors and also follow the movement of the songs.

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TOUR or CONCERT Merchandise

Once or twice a year, BTS hold their world tours. And one of the most awaited part of these events are the Tour Merchandise. This is because they are limited to concert goers and are easily sold out. The designs for the tour items are also unique for that specific concert. They usually consist of shirts, hats, passport holders, posters, photocards, keychains, pickets, backpacks, bracelets, hoodies and of course, ARMY Bomb.

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For ARMYs who can’t be present, there are tour merchandise available online, but they are extremely expensive. It is rare to see someone selling them at their retail price. You can get them through Bunjang, or Korean ebay, or you can also ask someone who will attend the concert to buy them for you. ARMYs also offer group orders that can be seen in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Endorsement Merchandise

Being the biggest boy band in the world right now, BTS are chosen to be ambassadors of some of the biggest brands in the world. One of them is SAMSUNG, as the brand is also originally from South Korea. They released a BTS limited edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds in purple!

bts endorsement merchanise delivered korea

Other BTS brand endorsements include Baskin Robbins, Formula E, Starbucks Korea, SMART Philippines, COWAY, Sideshow, MapleStory, Chilsung Cider, Chupa Chups, Skechers and Casetify. Each brand offers different merchandise that is personalized for BTS and ARMYs. They are always limited, so it’s better not to miss them!

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BT21 is like a whole new universe. Each character represents a BTS member and also ARMY: RJ (Jin), Chimmy (Jimin), Cooky (Jung Kook), Tata (V), KOYA (RM), Shooky (Suga), Mang (J-hope), and Van (ARMY). This brand is in partnership with Korea’s Line Friends. They collaborate with different other brands like UNIQLO, Chupa Chups, Converse, Dunkin’ Donuts, Mediheal, and many more.

bts merchandise that armys can collect how to buy them delivered korea blog

As BT21 has a huge scope of products, it sells like a hotcake globally. The characters are not just uniquely made by the BTS members, but they also have a backstory. That is why Line Friends have both flagship and pop-up stores around the world like Japan, Los Angeles, Hongkong, including South Korea’s Seoul, Itaewon, Myeongdong, and Hongdae.


BTS photocards are difficult to collect even for a capable ARMY. They are randomly placed in albums and DVDs, so it is hard to complete a set of 7 BTS members for each album. ARMYs can be seen selling and trading these photocards on social media just to find the missing piece. Even if they are like freebies from an album or DVD, they can still be sold for a huge amount as they are rare and hard to collect.

bts photocards delivered korea

Special Package and Set Merchandise

Special Packages and Sets are a yearly tradition for ARMYs. BTS Season’s Greetings are like a calendar and planner released during the end of the year. While Summer packages are released of course, during the Summer. They pose for a photoshoot and feature different travel destinations. Aside from the photobook, Summer package also includes “the making” videos.

bts special package and set merchandise delivered korea

Recently, they also released a Winter version of the package. One important reason to buy them is they are beautifully made. It’s like a high-end magazine with just BTS on it.

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How To Buy BTS Merch?

Of course, it is advisable to buy from official online shops like weverse shop, Cokodive, amazon, interpark global, and Kpopmart. DELIVERED KOREA ( can help you in buying through these official Korean online shops. They offer a Free Korean Address, so the items you purchased will be delivered to you. In this day and age, fake items are roaming around the internet, so it is important to buy from legit sellers and discover ways to know if a product is an original or not.

BTS merchandise can be accessed on most countries, but most of the official and rare finds are in their home country, South Korea. It’s almost impossible to buy them at their retail price as there are added expenses from purchasing them from abroad. There are various processing fees and shipping charges. DELIVERED KOREA can also offer personal shopping, consolidating, and worldwide shipping services to help lessen these fees and charges. As technology and business trends improve, there are now more ways to buy them, at a less expensive and stressful way.