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These days, Korean beauty, K-pop goods, Korean electronics, and many other Korean products have been rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. However, it’s surprisingly difficult for foreigners to purchase these goods from local sellers or suppliers. The main obstacles include, but are not limited to:

Complicated payment processing
complicated payment processing
The difficulties of translation
Sales events opened to residents only
sales events opened to residents only

Buying agents that provide proxy shopping services are a perfect solution to meet the exponentially emerging demand.

First of all, such companies remove limitations of the paying methods or the limits on your debit or credit card by allowing multiple payment methods convenient for international buyers. For example, below you may see the payment methods available on

credit card visa
credit card mastercard
credit card american express
credit card paypal
credit card jcb
credit card unionpay
international money transfer wise delivered korea

Second, buying agents help to rub the language barrier and manage returns. Furthermore, they allow their business clients to purchase in bulk from a manufacturer/supplier that doesn’t want to deal with a foreign company due to taxation complications, language barriers, or any other reason.

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How Does it Work?

We will explain the process using as an example. Delivered Korea’s personal shopper and Korea purchasing agency service is called “We Buy and Ship”.

In short, clients notify regarding what they need by submitting a form, and the Delivered Korea operations team assists with purchase orders.

Submit a purchase request on a website
submit a purchase request on a website
Track, amend or cancel your requests
track, amend or cancel your requests

To inform the clients about the progress, notifications are sent via email at each stage. For example, if a client gets an email and his or her order status is changed to PENDING, it means that he/she can now pay for the order. Delivered Korea’s system allows checking the price of the requested product(s), domestic shipping fee (if any), and any related service fees before any payments are made.

You can watch a video and find detailed instructions here.

If the clients have any issues, additional requests, or inquiries, they can always contact the Delivered Korea customer service team at or any of Delivered Korea’s social media channels.

Each inquiry is carefully and promptly reviewed.

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Where to Shop?

Below you can find the list of stores and marketplaces. However, please note that this list is for your convenience only, and you can choose products from the stores that are not listed as well.