Delivered Korea: Package Forwarding and Personal Shopping from Korea

Purchasing online can be very hard and sometimes, confusing. All kinds of international shipping processes vary depending on the country, however there are sites that just make it a lot easier for us. These are the so-called package forwarding, which consist of an international shipping service offered by shipping companies to international customers.

And not only do they take care of your shopping but also help if you want to purchase larger merchandise for your business. That’s right, if you’re a Korean culture enthusiast and want to start your store but find no way to bring the merch to your country, Delivered Korea will help you through the process. You just need to sell the products and they’ll take care, after the sale goes through, of shipping the merchandise right to your client’s address.

What can we buy?

Since it counts with multiple websites available to shop, it can be difficult to start shopping, so if you feel unsure or don’t know where to start, Delivered Korea offers plenty of categories to choose from by staying on their own site. So, what does it offer?

K beauty: All kinds of makeup and skin care. You can find brands like Peripera and Pony Effect, which are not easy or cheap to find in other countries. We all know Koreans are renamed by their glowing skin and flawless make up, so why not give it a chance with the beautiful palettes and amazing makeup styles?

K fashion: Do you love fashion as much as we do? Well, this is your section, which combines the Asian aesthetic with that cute, innocent yet elegant touch that only Koreans seem to achieve. And we’re not talking only about clothing but also accessories and shoes.

K Tech: We all know Korea is one of the most advanced countries on the technology field, so it’s natural to feel curiosity about the devices they sell. Delivered offer utensil that may seem weird or unknown for us but that have for sure made life a lot easier.

It all sounds amazing right? But, how does it work? The website manages two kinds of processes.

We Buy and Ship

Step 1

1. Sign up and login to DELIVERED
2. Click WE BUY ORDERS on the top
3. Click NEW ORDER button

we buy and ship order delivered korea step 1

Step 2

In this section, all you have to do is write the store name, copy and paste the product of your choice and detail it as accurately as you can. Then, assign a category for the product and select the number of items you need. You can also add other items and if you’re not sure how to describe them, you can always attach a screenshot of the product.

we buy and ship orders delivered korea step 2

Step 3

After the Delivered team makes sure that all items are available the status of your order will pass as pending. That means you can make the payment for your items! At the checkout it will ask you for the billing information and that’s it! You just need to wait for the item to get to the warehouse and afterwards it’ll be sent right to your destination.

we buy and ship orders delivered korea step 3

Now, the most important question, how much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the package dimension and weight but also on the country in which it is going. However, Delivered Korea does have a base fee which includes: transaction fee: 5% of item price, plus domestic shipping cost (if applicable) and handling fee: US$5 flat per order (up to 5 items from the same store or seller). Also, they do provide a shipping calculator in case you want to check the approximate price before-hand.

we buy and ship orders delivered korea step 3-1

You Buy, We Ship

As its name state, this section will help you with the shipping process after you’ve made your purchase on a different website

Step 1

1. Sign up and login to DELIVERED
2. Click YOU BUY ORDERS on the top

you buy we ship delivered korea step 1

Step 2

After filling the information such as the tracking number, the carrier and the order number, you’ll need to put from which store you made the purchase and what and how many items you got. You’ll also need to attach a screenshot in which the value of the goods is shown.

you buy we ship delivered korea step 2

Step 3

When the purchase is complete, you can go to the section ‘YOU BUY ORDERS’ and click on the arrow to see the order details. After the order arrives at the Delivered warehouse, the order status will get marked as ‘Received’.

you buy we ship delivered korea step 3-1
you buy we ship delivered korea step 3-2

Step 4

In order for you to start the shipping process, you’ll need to go to ‘MY PACKAGES’ and click the checkbox on the item you want to ship. Now, you’ll need to select the shipping address and select the delivery option of your choice. After that, you’re all set to make the payment (can be made using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Delivered’s balance.) and that’s it! You’ll just need to wait for your package to arrive. Remember that the Delivery period may vary depending on the destination country and the delivery option you have selected.

you buy we ship delivered korea step 4-1
you buy we ship delivered korea step 4-2
you buy we ship delivered korea step 4-3

So this is it! This was a resume about all the processes and basic info that this website manages. It is really user-friendly once you start the process. However, in case you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to visit the FAQ site on

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