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It is harder to believe someone saying that they’ve never heard of this legendary K-pop group than to believe that the Earth is flat. Since 2012, the South Korean-Chinese group has taken over the world of K-pop with many of their iconic songs, making them one of the most well-known and successful groups in the industry up until now. That K-pop group is no other than EXO. Despite being a 9-year-old group and is already considered as the “older generation” of K-Pop, EXO remains active and is still gaining EXO-Ls here and there.

Throughout their musical journey, EXO-Ls have not only been blessed with group content and releases but also with solo projects by some of the group members. Due to that, EXO-Ls are constantly spoiled with a plethora of merch over the years. Not sure where and how to get one for yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of current EXO merch that we think are worth having.

EXO Lightstick Ver 3(1)
Image Source: SM Global Shop
EXO Lightstick Ver 1,2
Image Source: SM Global Shop

Over the years, EXO has released three versions of light sticks, known as Pharynx. EXO released their very first light stick in October 2015 for their second tour which has an all-black design with a hexagonal head featuring the logo of the group. Their second light stick was released about a year later in conjunction with their third world tour. Everything is the same except that the second version is in white.

The latest version was released in 2019 ahead of EXO’s fifth tour and this time, it can also work with a battery pack! The special battery pack, which has to be purchased separately, can be recharged by a USB cable so you do not have to constantly get new packs of batteries to use your version 3 of Pharynx. Other than that, the third version of the light stick allows for more decorations to be incorporated. All you have to do is remove the small silicon cap on the back of the light stick and place the accessories which can also be purchased from the official store.

Another cool thing about all of these light sticks is that they can glow in white. Though you may have to get the first and second versions from resellers, the latest version can still be purchased from their official SM Global Shop.

2. Apparels

EXO Cap 1
Image Source: SM Global Shop
EXO Hoodie 1
Image Source: SM Global Shop
EXO Cap 2
Image Source: SM Global Shop

From caps to hoodies to sweatpants, EXO has the coolest designs when it comes to apparel. For that, their fashion pieces are definitely something worth owning. Their Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’ collection includes two caps, a pullover hoodie, a sweatshirt, and a T-shirt; all of which look super amazing, and if you ask us, we truly cannot decide which one we like the best.

Besides their group fashion pieces, you can also purchase those which have been released as part of album merchandise for the members solo projects such as KAI’s black hoodie and sweatpants for the release of his first self-titled album, ‘KAI’, or BAEKHYUN’s sweatshirt and shorts sets for the release of ‘BAMBI‘ and ‘Delight‘. These are perfect additions to your EXO-L collection and there is no reason to not have them in your closet, especially when these guys are your EXO ‘biases’.

EXO Pin button
Image Source: SM Global Shop
Image Source: SM Global Shop

Maybe your love for EXO is bigger and more than what the Universe can contain but you’re more of the type to show it in little ways. If that is the case, you might love the accessories that the group has come up with as part of their merch. EXO has released a variety of cool little accessories such as keyrings, pin buttons, and a mini bag. Collectors of pin buttons and badges might love EXO’s metal badge and pin button sets which can add more personality to daily wear such as backpacks or jackets. You can also add a little more of EXO’s cool vibes with some keyrings and their mini bag into your daily looks or bring them along to your trips with their luggage tag. EXO-Ls, especially those who are BAEKHYUN-biased, might also love the beautiful Symbol Necklace which is currently available for pre-order until the 25th of August 2021.

4. EXO Stationery Set

EXO Stationery Set
Image Source: SM Global Shop

Trying to find a reason to stay motivated while studying or working? We think that a stationery set from your beloved K-pop group might just be what you need. Maybe taking notes would not be that much of a bore with EXO, right? This stationery set comes with a clear file, a notepad, sticky notes, and a notebook with EXO on the front cover which we suppose are aiming to give you a loveshot of motivation to complete your tasks. Plus, this stationery set will help you keep all of your work organized and together.

5. Photocards and Photobooks

EXO Photocard set
Image Source: SM Global Shop
Image Source: SM Global Shop
Image Source: SM Global Shop

Have you ever looked at something and suddenly, you can’t help but smile and wonder how can it have the power to give you so much joy? Well, we’re pretty sure that’s how EXO-Ls feel every time they go through EXO’s photobooks and their binders of photocards. If stanning EXO has made you want to start collecting their photobooks and photocards as well, here’s a piece of advice; Don’t fight the feeling.

EXO has released various photobooks as well as photocard sets which are all loved and treasured by many EXO-Ls. As proof, both photobook versions of their latest special album, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling‘ and their 2021 Season’s Greetings Photo Pack have been sold out in all stores. The latter includes a set of postcards, a polaroid, and photocards which fans could purchase separately for each member. Sounds like something you want to get your hands on? These might have been sold out but you can definitely browse through other EXO photocard and photobook sets from the SM Global Shop such as the ‘EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Binder with Photo Card Set‘ that is exclusively available within Korea and BAEKHYUN Special Photo Book Set which is also available for pre-order along with the necklace that we’ve mentioned.

All of EXO’s merch can be purchased from SM Global Shop. However, this is not the only place where you can shop for their goods as they can also be found in other stores such as Soundwave, Cokodive, and Yes24. If you’re planning on purchasing some of these goods, be sure to check out the services provided by Delivered Korea! It will definitely make your shopping experience a whole lot easier as we can provide shipping services all the way from Korea to anywhere you are at reasonable prices.

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