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Discover our brand-new Group Order service, where buying in volume unlocks incredible savings! There’s no fixed quantity needed to take advantage of our Group order benefits. Simply place an order totaling $1000 or more using a single order form. Benefit from a wide array of warehouse services with customizable packing options, such as the Inclusion Only service and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your buying and warehousing needs, because Delivered will expertly handle every step of the process. Enjoy savings with our Group Order service today!

How do I use your Group Order Service?

1. Select “Group Order” on the Dashboard.

What is Group Order Service delivered korea


2. Submit the Group Order form with the items for which you would like to receive a quotation. A single Group Order request form can include a maximum of 10 types of items.

What is Group Order Service delivered korea

Please refer to the following guidelines when submitting the Group Order form.

  • Ensure that the minimum quotation amount is $1000.
  • Enter the Item Description, Quantity (QTY), and Item URLs which are mandatory fields.
  • Use the “Order Details” section if you have additional information that might help us source the item.
  • Upload images that may help identify the product during the purchase stage.
  • If the product you would like to buy is a Pre-order, please include the selling period of the item so our buying team can ensure its purchase during that time.

What is Group Order Service delivered korea


3. Select Package Service and Add-on Services you would like to add to your order. The All-in-one service fee will be applied to the total value of the quoted items.

What is Group Order Service delivered korea


4. Submit your quotation:

  • Save your Bulk Order form if you have filled in all the required information. Press the “Submit” button if you want to request your order. After you submit your order form you can check the status of your order anytime 
What is Group Order Service delivered korea
What is Group Order Service delivered korea


5.  You can make payment when your order status is “Invoice Sent” by adding your order to the Cart.

What is Group Order Service_delivered korea

If you have any questions using our Bulk Order service, please contact us at wholesale@delivered.co.kr. Thank you very much.

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