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Starting in the second half of 2010s up to the present year, KPOP has dominated the world not just with its music, but the whole culture involved in it. The identity of fandoms is now more specific and clearer about their roles as supporters of their favorite celebrities. And one of the best ways to show their love is to patronize their merchandise.

KPOP fans find comfort both in supporting their idols’ music and buying their merchandise. Once you possess these merch items, there is a feeling of pride and satisfaction in having a display of commitment to your idols. Fans even exchange trade secrets and tips on how to get a hold of collectibles and hard-to-find items. If you want to be one of them, you must know a bit about finding KPOP merchandise, especially the rare ones. One example is the online shopping app, Bunjang.

What is Bunjang?

Bungae Jangteo, or popularly known as Bunjang, is a second-hand online marketplace in Korea, like a mobile flea market. It is both a selling and buying (shopping) platform for Koreans. That is why most of the things you can buy here are pre-loved, which can be both affordable and expensive. According to them, the most traded items in Bunjang include KPOP merchandise, so it is like a paradise for merch buyers.

kpop signed albums
KPOP Signed Albums

KPOP fans are at an advantage when it comes to second-hand merchandise as they are mostly rare and a treasure for collectors. You can find signed albums, official products that are not available in the market anymore, and items from fan meetings or music shows that are only limited to attendees. Most of these products are not accessible to international fans, so they are hell-bent on buying them even for an expensive price. The problem is, Bunjang is a Korean app without an English counterpart, so creating an account or ID is a grueling process. Fortunately, there are now proxy and forwarding services like Delivered Korea that would help overseas buyers to purchase from these Korea-based stores.

delivered korea homepage january 2023
Delivered Korea homepage

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Delivered Korea's Proxy-Buying Service "We Buy and Ship"

Proxy-buying is about purchasing merchandise using a third-party service on your behalf. In this case, you can use Delivered Korea’s WE BUY AND SHIP service. We offer a personal shopper that will directly buy from Bunjang if you send us a detailed request. As the middleman, we can also ship the items to you at a more reasonable price. How?

From Bunjang, our on-site proxy agents can request the Bunjang seller to ship their items domestically to our warehouse in Korea. And once we get a hold of your item, we will ship it to your country. Typically, this is a less expensive way of shipping parcels overseas as our customers can utilize additional services such as consolidation, repackaging, etc. to minimize shipping costs.

To get started, here is a simple step-by-step ‘We Buy and Ship‘ guide:

Step 1

Install Bunjang app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Bunjang app

Step 2

Set up your account in Bunjang. You can sign up through your Kakao Talk, e-mail address, or Naver account and fill out all the necessary details. This is the difficult part for international buyers as they are required to put in a Korean phone number. It needs to be verified through text, so you need a legitimate one, not from temporary sim card. A Korean address is also required, so to avoid all these inconveniences, use Delivered Korea’s buying service.

Step 3

Sign up for an account at Once you’ve logged in, you will be directed to your own page. Then, click the WE BUY ORDERS option.

We Buy Orders

Step 4

Go back to Bunjang app. Look for the items that you want to buy, like these BTS items, for example. Take note of the details like the URL, seller or store name, and item description.

Bunjang BTS items

Step 5

Go back to Delivered Korea’s website and fill out the ‘New Order’ form from the WE BUY ORDERS services. Sellers in Bunjang are mostly Koreans so they prefer in-person sales or shipping within Korea only. This WE BUY AND SHIP service will help overseas buyers to purchase, process payment, and at the same time, ship the items worldwide.

We Buy Order New Form

Step 6

Once you’ve submitted all the needed information from your order, Delivered Korea will send you a quotation you need to pay for. They accept payments through PayPal, Payletter, or international money transfers through their website.

IMPORTANT: Please submit your buying request per each same seller. Delivered Korea can proceed with orders which accept payments using credit cards in order to secure the transaction with individual sellers.

Step 7

After confirmation, they will update you once the package is delivered to their warehouse. Then finally, you can proceed with the arrangement of the shipping of your order to your home address. You can choose from these different shipping carriers:

  • K-Packet – available only up to 2kg
  • EMS
  • FedEx Priority
  • FedEx Economy
  • DHL

If you want to know how much they charge for the shipping services, you can check their shipping calculator here.

Sign Up & Receive $2 DK Points

Become a member of Delivered Korea & save on your next international shipment!

DELIVERED Korea's Package Forwarding Service "You Buy, We Ship"

In the “YOU BUY, WE SHIP” service, you are the one who will purchase your own items directly from the Bunjang app. But as mentioned before, you will need a Korean phone number. You can avail of one from Delivered Korea through their buying service (and there are also Koreans selling them on social media like Twitter). Follow this process through this step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Once you’ve set up your account at Bunjang with the Korean phone number provided to you, you can proceed to buying your items. Then, checkout.

Step 2

In the checkout page, you will be asked to provide a Korean address. Use DELIVERED Korea‘s warehouse address. Click the address box, so you can be directed to the ‘address search bar’ and type 센텀동로57. From there, you will see the search result indicating the full address:

type street in hangul

Click it and then you will go back to the checkout page where you should fill up the remaining information like the continuation of the address ‘부산디자인센터 B102 #suite number’ and phone number 517427777.

Note: You must type in Hangul, or the Korean alphabetic system. So, you need to set your mobile phone into a Hangul/Korean keyboard. For iOS users, go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Add New Keyboard – Korean. Once you go back to typing in the address bar, click the globe-like icon, so you can easily change your keyboard between different languages.

Add keyboard on iphone
Hangul Keyboard
Hangul Keyboard

Step 3

Another part of the checkout process is the payment. Korean sellers in Bunjang rarely have payment options for international buyers, so they prefer payment through Korean banks. But, if you are lucky, you can find one who has PayPal or you can also use Paysable, which is an automated Korean product purchase and delivery service for overseas customers.

Step 4

Declare your purchase at Delivered Korea’s website, so they will be notified. If you skip this part, you will be charged $5. So, go to the YOU BUY ORDERS option on your page. And fill out the ‘My Incoming Package’ form.

You Buy Orders Page
My Incoming Package Form

Step 5

Lastly, wait for Delivered Korea‘s confirmation and other details of the shipment to your country. You can review WE BUY AND SHIP’s step 7 for the information about shipping charges and carriers.

DELIVERED KOREA gave two options for international buyers to have convenient shopping, especially in Korean-based stores like Bunjang. You can choose “WE BUY AND SHIP” or “YOU BUY, WE SHIP”, whatever option would be more convenient for you. As long as you receive your items safely and at an affordable rate, then you are all good.