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Who is HYBE’s new group, TWS? Well, TWS is one of the most talked-about rookie K-pop groups in the industry following their debut earlier this year! With charismatic members and chart-topping music, TWS has quickly drawn countless fans who have fallen for their first album, “Sparkling Blue”. In addition to their album, which has attracted attention for its beautiful packaging, TWS has also come out with a fashion line and merch collection—in this article, we’re going to be looking into SEVENTEEN’s younger brother group, TWS, their successful debut, as well as their first merchandise designs. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!


Introducing TWS

TWS, stylized as TWS:, burst onto the K-pop scene earlier this year and have captivated audiences with their charm and talent. The name “TWS” symbolizes their unwavering dedication to their fans and was taken from their tagline “twenty-four-seven with us.” Made up of six members, each brings their unique flair to the group—Shinyu, TWS’ leader, is a former SM Entertainment trainee and is the oldest member of the group at only 20 years old. The older members include trendsetter Dohoon, main vocalist Youngjae, Hanjin, the group’s only foreign member having come from China, former BIGHIT, YG, and JYP trainee Jihoon, and finally, the youngest member, Kyungmin.

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Together the group has made waves in Korea. According to Forbes, “Sparkling Blue opens at No. 16 on this week’s (Billboard) Top Album Sales chart. This week, Sparkling Blue earns the third-highest debut on the Top Album Sales chart. It comes in behind only the latest Hunger Games soundtrack and Tracy Chapman’s self-titled, which reaches the list decades after it was released following her performance at the Grammys. TWS’s EP sold 4,253 copies, according to Luminate. Sparkling Blue performs even better on the (Billboard) World Albums chart. On that tally, TWS’s EP opens at No. 6. (…) While it was only a minor hit in the U.S., TWS’ Sparkling Blue was a massive commercial win in South Korea.”

Through their bright pop sound, TWS is introducing a new genre, “boyhood pop,” to tell relatable stories that follow the boys navigating life’s adventures and challenges. The members spoke about the new genre at the “Sparkling Blue” press showcase, with Jihoon saying, “Starting from our bright and refreshing team identity, we have created our own genre: boyhood pop. We hope to spark fantasy in our everyday life and talk about our boyhood lives.”[1] With their rapid rise, even winning their first trophy on Show Champion, TWS is paving the way for a 5th gen male group thanks to the members’ diverse talents, endearing personalities, and catchy music.

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In addition to their albums, which come with a variety of merch, TWS recently collaborated with the Korean streetwear clothing brand ‘The Museum Visitor’ for a line of items ranging from hats to zip-up hoodies. The hallmark of TWS x TV merchandise lies in its distinctive logo—a spray-painted cat—and the motto ‘The Museum Visitor Twenty Four Seven With Us’ emblazoned on shirts and sweatshirts. Among the array of TWS x TV merchandise, several standout items demonstrate the collaboration’s creativity. For example, the limited edition sweatshirts  featuring TWS’ cat design in The Museum Visitor’s style add a touch of urban flair to casual wear.

Another must-buy item is their T-shirt designs (which come in white and black and can be worn as both a simple Tee or layered with outerwear), featuring the phrase “Twenty Four Seven With Us” in The Museum Visitor’s iconic spray-paint lettering, along with spark illustrations to incorporate “TWS’s sparkling aesthetic” [2]. A final example from this collection is their bestselling caps, available in black and blue. These hats are cotton baseball caps featuring the two logos of TWS and The Museum Visitor, stacked to showcase the uniqueness of the collaborative product. Additionally, a “TWS” heart embroidery has been added for a special touch!” [3] Together this design offers a trendy look that complements any style and provides a unique way to incorporate  merch into an outfit without it standing out.


Debut Merch + Albums

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In addition to their clothing line with “The Museum Visitor,” TWS also offers a variety of debut merch that includes everything from sets of stickers, postcards, and badges to plush keyrings, rings, and mini bags, among others. Their debut merch also feature the group’s official white and blue color scheme as well as their cat logo and bubble lettering of the group’s name. For example, fans can buy an adorable plush keyring of their cat mascot or a pack of postcards and stickers featuring creative designs of the group’s logo, icon, and tagline. As for album merch, TWS’ debut album, “Sparkling Blue”, comes in three versions: “Lucky”, “Sparkling”, or the “Weverse Album Version”. The first two versions come with an photobook, set of stickers, CD, polaroid, name-tag, and photocard in either the “Lucky” style, which is more purple, and/or the “Sparkling” style, which is more blue.

Meanwhile, the “Weverse Album Version” comes in the style of a Japanese manga with full illustrations throughout the photobook and dust jacket. The album also comes with all-new photocards and postcards, as well as a QR card that allows you to complete a survey which you can be rewarded for with Weverse shop points! These merchandise items not only embody TWS’ artistic vision and concept but also give fans an exclusive opportunity to engage with the group on a personal level as merch serves not only as a way to represent your fandom but also to create a sense of belonging within the fan community!

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TWS - Sparkling Blue (1st Mini Album)

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TWS is making a splash with their debut mini-album “Sparkling Blue,” released on February 15th, 2024. Packed with vibrant sounds reminiscent of their hit single “Lucky Girl,” this album blends classic pop vibes with a modern twist, appealing to both old-school and contemporary K-Pop lovers. They are gaining recognition for their energetic performances, infectious melodies, and lyrics that resonate with audiences. Though new to the industry, TWS members demonstrate remarkable talent and charisma on stage. Highlighted by the seamless vocal chemistry of Hyolyn and Bora, “Sparkling Blue” promises a delightful mix of catchy tunes and heart-warming melodies. From upbeat anthems to touching ballads, each track is designed to linger in your mind long after the music stops. Whether you’re a seasoned K-Pop aficionado or new to the scene, “Sparkling Blue” is a must-have addition to your music collection.


TWS, HYBE’s brand-new rookie group, offers a wide range of merchandise for every type of fan! Teaming up with the renowned Korean clothing brand “The Museum Visitor,” they’ve curated a collection of hip clothing, spotlighting their iconic spray-painted cat logo and motto. Notable items include their zip-up hoodies and tops whose urban-chic style mirrors Gen Z fashion trends, connecting the group to their teen and young adult audience. Additionally, TWS’s debut merchandise line features a plethora of items ranging from stickers to plush keyrings, all unified by the group’s distinctive color scheme and logo—if you want these products delivered quickly to your doorstep, consider using Delivered Korea’s ‘We Buy, We Ship’ or ‘You Buy, We Ship’ services or visit the DKshop.

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