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  •  Delivered only covers up to $100 for a package (this includes shipping costs) and will reimburse in the form of CREDIT.
  • Carriers NOT covered under DELIVERED insurance: DHL, FedEx, Boxberry, Qxpress, K-post.
  • Additional Insurance will also be reimbursed in the form of DELIVERED Credit.
  • DELIVERED reserves the right to deny any claim if all of the required information is not submitted.
  • Shipping costs reimbursement is based on the weight of damaged items.

Required Documents

To process the claim all of the following items must be provided:

  • Name and Email Address
  • Suite Number and Package number
  • Reason for Claim
  • Picture of Damaged Items
  • Pictures of Outer Packaging the items where shipped in and Inner packaging.
  • Picture of Shipping Label
  • A detailed list of all damaged or missing items (including item numbers).
  • Weight of Package and Weight of Damaged item (not always required but very helpful to sumbit).


Please, submit the form either in English or Korean. Otherwise, it may take significantly longer to process your request.

Where to Send