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Formed in 2019 by Big Hit Music, the label behind BTS, TOMMOROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, has captured the hearts of millions around the world with their fresh sound and electrifying performances. In this post, we’ll explore TXT’s incredible journey, their talented members, and their latest chart-topping album. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.


Who is TXT (Tomorrow X Together)?

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Blending pop, hip-hop, and EDM, since their debut, the members of TXT have created a distinct sound that has connected the group to a wide audience. In fact, one of the key factors that has led to TXT’s success has been their ability to connect with fans on a personal level with their lyrics, music videos, and through social media. With the support of their fans, known as MOA, the members of TXT have had an amazing career, collaborating with top global artists like the Jonas Brothers and Brazilian singer-songwriter, Anitta. Last year, TXT even became the first K-Pop group to headline the famous Chicago music festival, Lollapalooza! Writing about their set at the festival, The Rolling Stones said, “Tomorrow x Together aren’t your average K-pop band. Between the consistently cheerful mood of the music and their natural showmanship onstage, the most apt comparison for Saturday night’s headliner isn’t a fellow K-pop act like BTS, but rather a crowd-pleasing artist like Bruno Mars.

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Meet the TXT members!

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So, now that you have an idea of who the groups is, let’s get to know the talented members of TXT! First up is Yeonjun, the oldest member. A dynamic dancer and rapper, Yeonjun is a powerhouse performer who captivates audiences with his show-stopping stage presence. Similarly, the leader of TXT, Soobin, is a well-rounded performer who can adapt to various positions thanks to his smooth vocals and stunning performance skills. Next up, Beomgyu is a talented dancer and singer who isn’t afraid to showcase his individuality, bright personality, and mesmerizing visuals. Onto the maknae line: with his strong vocal skill, Taehyun’s clear and stable voice has become a signature of the group’s music, but, beyond his vocal talents, Taehyun is also known for his intelligence and wit, often surprising fans with his sharp mind. And, last but not least, we have Hueningkai. Hueningkai is known among MOA for his youthful energy and adorable personality, and, in addition to his charming smile and infectious enthusiasm, Hueningkai has become a fan favorite for his passion for music that shines through in every performance!


TXT Albums

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Through their music, the members of TXT have been able to, not only tell their story, but also be recognized by some of the most famous music institutions in the world. In fact, last year, TXT’s album “The Name Chapter: Temptation” was named one of Billboard’s “Best K-Pop Albums of 2023,” with the publication writing about the record, “Renowned for pushing sonic boundaries, TOMORROW X TOGETHER seized their inaugural No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with an unprecedented level of accessibility while staying true to the group’s whimsical musical storytelling. (…) Not just a chart triumph, The Name Chapter: Temptation further solidified TXT’s position as a trailblazer on the global music scene.” The album was also the 7th bestselling album in Korea last year, selling around 2.685 million copies. According to Forbes, TXT was the only group to have not just one album on the list but two, with their album “The Name Chapter: Freefall” coming in as the 9th bestselling record in Korea as well as the 13th bestselling album in the US!

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Most recently, the TXT members released their newest album, “minisode 3: TOMORROW.” Describing the album, Hueningkai said, “It’s an album with outstanding completeness, and I believe listeners will be able to feel how much we have grown and matured (…) As the album title includes ‘Tomorrow,’ it’s an album that showcases our identity. We hope our messages will come across convincingly and romantically.’” In addition to B-Sides like “The Killa (I Belong To You)” and the Afrobeat-inspired song “Quarter Life,” the group has released their new spectacular title track, “Deja Vu.” About the track, Taehyun told the press at the group’s album release press conference, “I was curious how K-pop and the rage genre would blend, but it feels like we have pulled off the attempt in a new way, using sirens and synth sounds.” Overall, the album is a testament to TXT’s artistic growth and versatility!


TXT Merch

TXT merch albums highlights
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Currently, there are three sets of the album available: the Ethereal Ver., Romantic Ver. and Promise Ver. All three include a book cover, a photo book, a ribbon bookmark, a lyric leaflet, a CD-R, a postcard, a random photocard, sticker pack A, sticker pack B, and a poster. In addition, you also have the stunning Weverse Album version of the album, which comes with an envelope, a card holder, a sticker, a stamp sticker, two random photocards, a random QR card, and a user guide. What’s more, fans can also choose between the KiT version, which includes a credit card, an AR kit, a postcard set, as well as a random photocard, and the absolutely beautiful Light version. The Light version of the album includes a package box, album stand, CD envelope, CD-R, postcard set, lyric card set, mini poster, photocard, and a gorgeous sticker.

In addition to their albums, fans of TXT have a world of merch to explore! For example, TXT has merchandise collections like “SEASON OF TXT : YOUTH” which includes an outbox, a 200-page photobook, a youth ticket, a set of five postcards, a random set of photocards, a youth keyring, and a digital code card. Or, you have the “2024 TXT DECO KIT” which comes with an outbox, photobook, note, memo pad, sticker pack, ID card set, instant photo, letter set, postcard set, photocard set, and an all-new poster. Furthermore, you can order the group’s official lightstick or one of the group’s many beautifully designed accessories, like their FREEZE ring, world tour badges, and mini photocard binder which you can use to store and display your favorite album’s photocards! As you can see, from limited edition photobooks and photocards to unique concert merch and accessories like their official lightstick and jewelry, TXT offers a wide range of merch for every type of fan!


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