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2PM Members

2PM isn’t just a group, it’s a force of nature. For over a decade, these six talented individuals have captivated audiences worldwide with their powerful vocals, electrifying dance moves, and undeniable stage presence. From the soaring vocals of Jun. K and Junho to the captivating rap verses of Nichkhun and Taecyeon, each member brings their unique energy and artistry to the table.

Lee Jun-ho

Role: Main Vocals
DOB: 25 January 1990
Full name: Lee Jun-ho
Hangul: 이준호

hwang chansung 2pm members

Hwang Chan-sung

Role: Vocals
DOB: 11 February 1990
Height: 1.84m
Full name: Hwang Chan-sung
Hangul: 황찬성

ok taecyeon 2pm members

Ok Taecyeon

Role: Main Rapper
DOB: 27 December 1988
Full name: Ok Taecyeon
Hangul: 옥택연

nichkhun 2pm members


Role: Rapping
DOB: 24 June 1988
Full name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Hangul: 닉쿤

jang wooyoung 2pm members

Jang Wooyoung

Role: Lead Vocalist
DOB: 30 April 1989
Height: 1.78m
Full name: Jang Woo-young
Hangul: 장우영

jun k 2pm members

Jun. K

Role: Main Vocals
DOB: 15 January 1988
Height: 1.80m
Full name: Kim Min-jun
Hangul: 김민준

jay park 2pm former member

Jay Park [former member]

Role: Vocals
Active: 2008-2009
DOB: 25 April 1987
Height: 1.71m
Full name: Park Jae-beom
Hangul: 박재범

2PM's Most Popular Songs

From ballads to bangers, 2PM’s music has captivated fans for years. Get ready to dive into their most popular songs, sing along at the top of your lungs, and relive iconic performances. So, grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare to be transported by 2PM’s musical legacy!


Artist: 2PM
Album: Grown
Released: 2013
Genres: K-pop, Pop, Korea Dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 31M (July 2022)

Go Crazy!

Artist: 2PM
Album: Go Crazy!
Released: 2014
Genres: K-pop
YouTube Views: 34M (July 2022)

Hands Up

Artist: 2PM
Album: Hands Up
Released: 2011
Genres: K-pop, Pop
YouTube Views: 77M (July 2022)


Artist: 2PM
Album: 01:59PM
Released: 2009
Genres: K-pop, Pop
YouTube Views: 12M (July 2022)

I'll Be Back

Artist: 2PM
Album: Hands Up
Released: 2011
Genres: K-pop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Korea Dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 35M (July 2022)

10 out of 10

Artist: 2PM
Album: 01:59PM
Released: 2009
Genres: K-pop, Pop
YouTube Views: 6.9M (July 2022)

My House

Artist: 2PM
Album: No.5
Released: 2015
Genres: K-pop, Korea Dance, Electronic, Pop
YouTube Views: 61M (July 2022)

Make It

Artist: 2PM
Album: MUST
Released: 2021
Genres: K-pop, Korea Dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 34M (July 2022)

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