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(G)I-dle Group Members

miyeon gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 31 January 1997
Height: 1.61m
Full name: Cho Mi-yeon
Hangul: 조미연

yuqi gidle group members


Role: Dancer
DOB: 23 September 1999
Height: 1.62m
Nationality: Chinese
Full name: Song Yuqi
Hangul: 송우기

soyeon gidle group members


Role: Rapper
DOB: 26 August 1998
Height: 1.57m
Nationality: South Korean
Full name: Jeon So-yeon
Hangul: 전소연

shuhua gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 6 January 2000
Height: 1.61m
Nationality: Taiwanese
Full name: Yeh Shu-hua
Hangul: 슈화

minnie gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 23 October 1997
Height: 1.67m
Nationality: Thai
Full name: Nicha Yontararak
Hangul: 민니

(G)I-dle's Most Popular Songs

Oh my god

Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Yummy Pop
Released: 2021
Genres: K-pop, Korea Dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 178M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Am
Released: 2018
Genres: K-pop, Korea dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 175M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Never Die
Released: 2022
Genres: K-pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Electronic, Korea Dance
YouTube Views: 148M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Latata
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 131M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Queendom Final Comeback
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 110M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Burn
Released: 2021
Genres: K-pop
YouTube Views: 102M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Oh My God
Released: 2020
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 87M


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Made
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop
YouTube Views: 62M

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