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(G)I-dle Group Members

Prepare to step into the world of (G)I-DLE, where six talented individuals defy expectations and forge their own paths. From the captivating vocals of Soyeon and Miyeon to the electrifying rap talent of Minnie and Yuqi, each member brings their unique artistry to the table, creating a dynamic and captivating musical experience.

miyeon gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 31 January 1997
Height: 1.61m
Full name: Cho Mi-yeon
Hangul: 조미연

yuqi gidle group members


Role: Dancer
DOB: 23 September 1999
Height: 1.62m
Nationality: Chinese
Full name: Song Yuqi
Hangul: 송우기

soyeon gidle group members


Role: Rapper
DOB: 26 August 1998
Height: 1.57m
Nationality: South Korean
Full name: Jeon So-yeon
Hangul: 전소연

shuhua gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 6 January 2000
Height: 1.61m
Nationality: Taiwanese
Full name: Yeh Shu-hua
Hangul: 슈화

minnie gidle group members


Role: Vocalist
DOB: 23 October 1997
Height: 1.67m
Nationality: Thai
Full name: Nicha Yontararak
Hangul: 민니

(G)I-dle's Most Popular Songs

(G)I-DLE isn’t just a K-pop group; it’s a sonic kaleidoscope, a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of diverse musical styles. From the fiery anthems that ignite stages to the introspective ballads that tug at the heartstrings, each song reveals a new facet of (G)I-DLE’s artistry.

Oh my god

Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Yummy Pop
Released: 2021
Genres: K-pop, Korea Dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 178M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Am
Released: 2018
Genres: K-pop, Korea dance, Electronic
YouTube Views: 175M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Never Die
Released: 2022
Genres: K-pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Electronic, Korea Dance
YouTube Views: 148M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Latata
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 131M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Queendom Final Comeback
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 110M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Burn
Released: 2021
Genres: K-pop
YouTube Views: 102M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: Oh My God
Released: 2020
Genres: K-pop, Electronic, Korea dance
YouTube Views: 87M (July 2022)


Artist: (G)I-dle
Album: I Made
Released: 2019
Genres: K-pop
YouTube Views: 62M (July 2022)

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