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Like no other, Korean pop or KPOP, a fandom culture continues to make the global music industry envious. The support of KPOP fans through voting, buying merchandise, and just simply streaming idols’ music and videos is unparalleled. It makes you question the HOWs of the KPOP entertainment industry. Having extraordinary artists will give birth to fans that would be willing to do everything for their idols. That is why fans mostly manage social media KPOP influencers. Here are the most prominent influencers on Twitter and Instagram.

kpop fan support on public ads like new york times square delivered korea blog
KPOP Fan Support on Public Ads like New York Times Square, Source: Korea Herald

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Twitter KPOP Merchandise Influencers

Twitter is considered the common social media platform for a huge part of the KPOP community. Almost all KPOP fandoms are gathered there stemming from different accounts running for different purposes. A term was even created to identify it, and that is “Stan Twitter” For some, it may have a negative connotation, but it is just a term that describes how a community of fandoms on Twitter unifies and bonds to support their favorite artists or celebrities in more ways than one.

kpop stan twitter starter pack
KPOP Stan Twitter Starter Pack, Source: Link:

With hundreds or even thousands of Twitter accounts related to KPOP, it might be hard to distinguish which ones are worth following. But first, you must identify your fandom and your purpose in following them. In this case, Twitter accounts will help you be updated and influence your interest in KPOP merchandise. To help you, here are some classifications:

Official Idols or Entertainment Company Accounts

Twitter is occupied with official accounts from your favorite KPOP stars. It can be personal or handled by entertainment companies. For 2020, the top 3 most followed KPOP Twitter accounts all belong to BTS or Bangtan Seonyeondan. So let us take them as an example.

bts group account twitter
BTS Group Account, Source: @BTS_twt Link:

The top 1 is @BTS_twt, with 34.6 million followers as of writing, used for BTS members’ personal posts. On the second spot is @bts_bighit also known as BTS_official with 28.9 million followers as of writing. This account is used for important updates, news, announcements, and previews of BTS activities. If you want to be the first to see BTS merchandise notifications and design sneak peeks, this is where you will find them. And the top 3 is @BIGHIT_MUSIC which the entertainment company controls. This account is similar to BTS_official but also gives updates on other BigHit Music artists like TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER.

promoting concept photobook bts bighit twitter account
Promoting Concept Photobook, Source:@bts_bighit Twitter Account Link:

You can also see similar accounts of other KPOP artists with similar purposes. For example, you can check out merchandise releases of GOT7 at @GOT7Official, BigBang’s G-DRAGON at @IBGDRGN, and SMTown artists at @SMTOWNGLOBAL. Just search for your biased KPOP artists and groups, and you will indeed find an official account for them.

Big FAN Accounts

They may be just fans, but they could gather followers with their active and valuable presence on Twitter. One example is ‘mes #TeamPinky’ with the account handle @OH_mes2. As of today, her follower count is 473.8 thousand. She is an avid fan of K-culture as a whole, so she posts news about KPOP, K-dramas, K-variety shows, and more. With her dedication, fans from different fandoms supported her Twitter account. Her account is inactive due to some issues, but hopefully, she will come back with more KPOP news.

oh mes2 twitter account
Source: @OH_mes2 Twitter Account Link:

Let us take a closer look at another big Fan account supporting one of the most prominent KPOP girl groups of this generation, BLACKPINK. With 617.2 thousand followers, BLΛCKPIИK GLOBAL (@BLACKPINKGLOBAL) fan account continues to serve BLINKS, or BLACKPINK fans, with rich content. They post news, organize fan events and fund-raising activities, plan voting strategies, and support all the members’ activities, even the solo ones. Having this vast following, BLΛCKPIИK GLOBAL also helps spread information about orders for official BLACKPINK merchandise like albums and DVDs.

update of rose album sales in hanteo blackpinkglobal twitter account
Update of Rosé Album Sales in Hanteo, Source: @BLACKPINKGLOBAL Twitter Account Link:

Local Fanbases

The KPOP industry has a global reach that stretches to America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Joining a local fanbase would help you find KPOP updates exclusive to your area. One example is this EXO’s Pakistan fanbase account, @Pakistaniexols. EXO-Ls in that area hold fundraising activities for official EXO merchandise to support the group, especially during the comeback season.

exo-l fanbase pakistaniexols purchasing exo albums
Local EXO-L Fanbase @Pakistaniexols Purchasing EXO Albums Link:

Group Orders

Group orders are a common thing in KPOP culture. KPOP merchandise can be expensive sometimes, especially to international fans. Shipping and its whole process can be daunting to fans who are not familiar with how things work in online shopping. That is why some fans took the initiative to organize GOs (Group Orders) called GOMs (Group Order Managers). During the comeback season, they will take physical album orders from many followers and process the shipping as a group. This way, fans will pay less for the shipping fee. The only downside to this process is the late arrival of items as they take time to prepare a single huge order.

group order twitter account for onces source whatislovemina twitter account
Group Order Twitter Account for ONCEs, Source: whatislovemina Twitter Account Link:

Twitter is the best place for group orders. Information about it is simple to disseminate because of retweets, and it is also easier to find local fanbases where you can join GOs near your area. You can take this TWICE GO account @whatislovemina as an example. They hold GOs in the USA and Canada area. Another one is @KpopGroupOrder which has GOs in Europe or Italy area. Most of these GOMs are already connected to popular KPOP online shopping sites like Ktown4u and KpopTown.


Fansites are known for following KPOP idols in their official schedules and taking high-quality pictures of them. These pictures are then used to create good quality fansites merchandise like posters, photobooks, fans, and slogan banners. According to the kbizoom website, the top 10 most followed fansite accounts on Twitter include mostly BTS and EXO members’ fansites. The top 1 is @JUNGKOOKcokr named SNOWPEACH with 1.8 million followers, next is EXO Sehun’s fansite @iridescent_boy with 1 million followers.

snowpeach jungkook fansite source jungkookcokr twitter account
SNOWPEACH Jungkook Fansite, Source: @JUNGKOOKcokr Twitter Account Link:

Goods sold by fansites are considered unofficial merchandise. But since fansites are mostly Koreans, they help GOMs and some huge Twitter fan accounts in purchasing official merchandise for their group orders like lending a Korean address. With this process, the shipping may be fast, but the cost is expensive.

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Instagram KPOP Merchandise Influencers

Merchandise influencers on Instagram are primarily a part of the fashion industry. KPOP idols endorse many fashion items like clothing and shoes, and they also have their fashion merchandise like accessories. Besides fashion, the KPOP community on Instagram enjoys posting memes, funny gifs, and unboxing pictures and videos. The platform is perfect for aesthetic images; therefore, it is easier to entice fans to purchase goods. Here are some of them:

kpop idol cha eun woo source ireneisgood twitter account
KPOP Idol Cha Eun Woo, Source: @ireneisgood Twitter Account Link:

Founded by famous Korean fashion model Irene Kim, IRENEISGOOD Label is one of the fashion clothing brands used by KPOP idols. You can see Cha Eun Woo and BTS wearing her clothing pieces. The style showcases bold colors to represent one’s individuality. Check out the hashtag #GOODFORYOU to see more of her designs.

twice jihyo wearing stylenanda source
TWICE Jihyo wearing STYLENANDA, Source: Link:

STYLENANDA is a famous fashion and beauty store in Korea. And it is one of the brands favored by KPOP idols like GFriend’s Sowon and TWICE’s Jihyo. Similar to fashion brands Zara and Forever21, STYLENANDA also offers a combination of sporty and retro styles.

shessododo unboxing vixx album source shessododo instagram account
Shessododo Unboxing Vixx Album, Source: @shessododo Instagram Account Link:

It is just one of the many KPOP meme accounts on Instagram. Interestingly, fans love seeing these kinds of posts where they can laugh at and enjoy their KPOP idols. Shessododo also posts unboxing photos from different KPOP artists as she is multifandom or part of more than one fandom.

ktown4u unboxing red velvet repackage album source ktown4u instagram account
Ktown4u Unboxing Red Velvet Repackage Album, Source: @Ktown4u Instagram Account Link:

Ktown4u is one of the biggest KPOP online shopping sites on the internet. But to promote their KPOP merchandise, they had to widen their reach through the Instagram platform, where they have 72.6 thousand followers. The account is worth following as they have satisfying and creative unboxing clips that you will surely love.

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