Blackpink Top of US Global 200 for 2 Consecutive Weeks

As of the 6th of September 2022, US Billboard has stated that Blackpink’s new song, Pink Venom, has placed the evergrowing Kpop girl group at the very top of the Billboard Global 200 chart for two weeks in a row.

(Left to right) Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo

Billboard continued to praise the record-breaking group saying “Blackpink is the first ever Kpop girl group to accomplish such tremendous feat and that Pink Venom’s streaming count has exceeded 108 million in the past week”.

BLACKPINK – Pink Venom MV with 292 million YouTube views

The Pink Venom music video that was released on the 19th of August has managed to surpass staggering 90 million YouTube views within the first 24 hours of upload, breaking the record in the female artist industry. The video continued to show signs of enormous global attention to reach 100 million views on YouTube within 30 hours post-release, which then eventually exceeded 200 million views in just a week.

Blackpink will continue to march forward alongside their 2nd album release, “Born Pink”, with the title track “Shut Down”.

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