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Please read ALL of the following information before filling out this form.

Please fill out this form fully if you are having trouble checking out through our website for any of the following reasons.

  • Do not have a Paypal account and/or want to use a debit or credit card to check out.
  • Need to ship a package domestically (within South Korea).
  • Unable to checkout through our website for any reason.


To process the claim all of the following items must be provided:

  • Manual Shipping Requests will usually take 2-5 business days to begin processing.
  • This is a manual process and will take longer to process and be shipped than shipping through our website.
    There may be delays in processing your request and shipment depending on how busy our customer support team is.
  • We do not advice shipping packages to a non-permanent address that you do not live at.
    If you choose to ship to a non-permanent address DELIVERED will not be liable for your package once it leaves our warehouse.
  • Manual Shipments may be subject to an additional manual shipment fee.


Please, submit the form either in English or Korean. Otherwise, it may take significantly longer to process your request.

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