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Nothing makes you feel closer to your favorite K-Pop idols than getting their official merchandise. Next to attending concerts, which don’t always come near you, this is the next best thing to immerse yourself in the K-Pop fandom experience. From lightsticks to cosmetics, there is no shortage of K-Pop merchandise to choose from. Whether you are an ARMY, Stay, Blink, Bunny, Carat, NCTzen, or a multifan – these 10 K-Pop merch items are must-haves to show your undying love.

Get Cushy with K-Pop Plushie

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If cuddling with your idols is impossible, here’s the next best thing! K-Pop idol groups have been coming out with plushie alter egos of themselves. Most notably, this trend got popular with BTS’ BT21 merch featuring seven dolls for each member of the group. Since then, more and more groups have released their own doll sets, like Stray Kids with SKZoo and IVE with Minive. These dolls are conceived with inputs from the members themselves, involving personal touch from the start. They come with backstories and even appear on their own videos. These K-Pop plushies come in all sizes: from tiny moppets you can carry as keychain to large dolls that can double as pillows. Whatever your pick, they sure are huggable as heck.

Carry Your Idol Anywhere with K-Pop Keyrings

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Carry your K-Pop keyring like a badge of honor everywhere you go. These tiny fluffy keyrings are the most affordable and instantly recognizable way to show off your fandom love. Everyone from Shinee and BTS to the newbies like NewJeans and Riize have ‘em. It’s designed to be easily attached to your phone case, purse or, well, key. That way, you can take your bias anywhere you go.

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Begin The Year Together with K-Pop Season’s Greetings

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It’s a tradition for every K-Pop boy groups and girl groups to release Season’s Greetings to mark the new year. But this is not just your regular old greeting card. Meant as holiday gifts to fans, K-Pop Season’s Greetings are made with the same level of craftsmanship that K-Pop albums receive. From the high-quality packaging, exquisite concept photos to the generous contents, every aspect is prepared with so much attention. 

Fans can expect to receive their Season’s Greetings packed with calendar, scheduler, poster, sticker, photobook, photocard and memo pad. They’re never just logos slapped on top of generic stationary, either: Season’s Greetings sets are designed with a cohesive theme showing off your fave’s warm holiday spirit.


Spread the Love on Magazines

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You know your bias has made it when they are on the cover of the top magazines in South Korea: Vogue, Bazaar, W, Arena, Elle, Marie Claire, and so on. With Korea’s high editorial taste, you’re definitely in for some visual treats from your favorite K-Pop idols. High fashion concept coupled with exquisite wardrobe from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc on your fave – What’s not to love?

Gorgeous shoots and top notch fashion aside, cover stars also receive pages of spreads featuring exclusive interviews of your bias. It’s a fun time for them to get up close and personal while looking gorg.


Light It Up with K-Pop Lightsticks

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The ultimate display of fandom belonging, lightsticks have been a staple for every K-Pop lover since the days of Gen 2 legend Big Bang, who pioneered the use of lightsticks in concerts. 

Since then, every K-Pop idol races to create the most unique and noticeable lightsticks designs for their fans. The concept and workmanship that go into these lightsticks are truly impressive. You can see the unique DNA of each group in their lightsticks. From Blackpink’s hammer, Stray Kids’ compass to Seventeen’s diamond lightstick, they represent each group’s special bond with their fanbase.


Rave at Home with K-Pop Concert DVDs

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Relive the thrill of your favorite K-Pop idol’s live performance by owning their concert DVDs. 

With ingenious camerawork capturing moments on stage, you can witness the full force of your idol’s artistry up close. These concert films are presented in high definition, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

These concert films not only show you what’s happening on stage. Sometimes, they also include some behind-the-scenes showing the insane dedication that went into creating successful live concerts. It’s hard not to gain more respect for idols after that!


Let’s Get Physical: K-Pop Albums

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Owning a physical album is the best way to support your idol’s music. Streaming is fine and dandy, but K-Pop albums are your favorite artist’s best avenue to benefit from their hard work. Don’t they deserve that? 

What’s more, K-Pop albums are unlike music albums everywhere else. More than just CDs in neat packaging, K-Pop albums are a whole package of uber creative artwork and craftsmanship rolled into one. These albums come with deluxe box sets filled with exclusive photocards, stickers, posters, and pages upon pages of stunning concept photos. The design aspect alone makes these babies truly worth collecting.

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Snap and Show Off: Photocards + Photocard Holders

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Photocards with cute selfies of your favorite idols are a must for every K-Pop fan. You get it with every purchase of albums or as a bonus with endorsed items, but they are also sold individually. And to ensure your photocards stay clean and intact, K-Pop companies have devised a brilliant idea to also sell photocard holder. They come with keyring for convenient use as phone case or bag accessories.


Fall Asleep with K-Pop Idol Pajamas

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Feel the warm embrace of your fave’s love with these special edition sleepwear from your K-Pop idols. Made with comfy materials and adorable design, you’ll sleep like a baby as if your bias themselves is by your side. Everyone from aespa and Kang Daniel have hopped in the trend.


K-Beauty Approved by Your Idols

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K-Pop idols are known for their out-of-this-world visuals. Get a piece of their beauty secret and delight in the wonderful world of K-Beauty. From skincare, haircare, to fragrance, just take your pick. Envying IVE Jang Wonyoung’s youthful and pinchable cheeks? Try her Lip & Cheek Healthy Balm from Amuse. Trying to recreate Cha Eun Woo’s voluminous mane? Here’s Dashu Volume Up Curl Cream for you! Wanna smell expensive like Blackpink Jennie? Just spritz some Tamburins all over your body.


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