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If you shop online frequently, you probably have experienced many situations where you have ended up waiting for multiple orders to arrive at your doorstep simultaneously. These scenarios play out when you order several items at once, often for many products that go hand-in-hand with others.

Dealing with these kinds of orders can be frustrating as you are constantly on the lookout for the forthcoming packages, and unboxing one single package might not be worth it until everything you want has arrived at your destination. That’s where package consolidation comes in handy. In this article, we will explain what package consolidation means and cover its benefits for you.

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What is Package Consolidation?

Package consolidation is the process of placing multiple shipping orders into a single package for delivery. For example, if you order three pairs of shoes from an online store, package consolidation would enable you to have all three packages put into a single box. So, instead of getting three boxes delivered to your home one by one, you only get one larger box in one delivery.

Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Well, it is. However, there are some things you need to look out for when trying to consolidate all your packages into one package.

How Does Package Consolidation Work?

The first thing you need to know is: how does it really work? In shipping, a common rule is 1 box for 1 order. Each order has a unique tracking number. Likewise, each box has its own weight and shipping fees.

Package consolidation works by lining up all tracking numbers for your orders and assigning them to a tracking number for a single box. This box will be larger but you will benefit from attractive discounts per unit of shipping weight, even though you may have to pay some extra cash for the delivery.

To give an example, let’s assume that you order five packages that weight 1 kg each and cost a minimum of $16. Your total shipping cost would amount to $80. Consolidating a package into a single 5 kg box could bring down the cost to $60 – a discount of $20 (or $4 per kg)!

Some shippers offer dimensional weights to larger packages. Dimensional weights assign a weight based on package volume (length x height x width). For example, you buy a table that weighs 45 kg but it fits into a larger box that has a dimensional weight of 55 kg. That means you can put an extra 10 kg of items in the box, assuming they fit.

The Benefits of Package Consolidation and Why You Should Utilize it

Package consolidation is great to enhance your overall shopping experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider it when shopping online.

Lower Costs:
The first and most obvious benefit of package consolidation, which we’ve already covered earlier, is the cost savings. Options such as dimensional weight packaging mean that you will be able to put smaller items in larger packages for free.

Shopping Experience:
There’s no better way to make your day than by having all the essential things you need at the right time. With package consolidation, you can make sure that your shopping lists are complete and you are all set to do whatever you need, whether it is for personal, social, or professional purposes. If you are ordering new cosmetics and beauty products for an occasion, for example, you might want a full set of items and maybe a matching dress to go with it.

Time is Money:
Having to wait for all items to arrive at your home can end up in delays for you or your family. Whether you are a professional technician who needs his equipment immediately, a busy mom who needs to manage her home and kids, or a traveler ready to go on a vacation, you would certainly want to save time on items that you need for all these plans. Package consolidation is the right answer!

Remember that computer we mentioned earlier? Having all items consolidated into one delivery would mean that you can unbox your package, hook up everything, and get to work as soon as you want.

Things to Know Before Using Package Consolidation Service

It’s obviously easier to consolidate a package when you order identical items that are coming from one source, but some situations make consolidation a bit tricky. Sometimes your orders may involve items of different sizes. For example, you might order a computer with additional peripherals boxed separately. In the case of fragile items like glassware, you would want to avoid boxing it up with a heavier item such as a table.

Sometimes, multiple items can arrive at largely different times. You may need to look out for extra costs for warehousing in such cases. This only matters if you want bulky items and have to wait for an unusually long time for these parcels to arrive.

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While package consolidation may initially seem tricky with additional terms and conditions that you need to be aware of, it is a great way to avoid the unnecessary hassle of receiving multiple orders.

To save yourself from all this trouble, you can now avail our convenient, economical, and time-saving package consolidation solutions whenever you order multiple items online. Shop from your favorite online stores in Korea, and once all your packages arrive in our warehouse, you can easily apply for Package Consolidation Service to combine and ship them as one single package.

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