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ReVeLuvs, get ready!.. Red Velvet members are coming back real soon. The group is poised to set summer ablaze with their 7th mini album, Cosmic, scheduled for June 24 release. Over the years, the quintet of Irene, Wendy, Joy, Yeri, and Seulgi have set themselves apart with dazzling vocals, goddess-like (original) visuals, and eccentric concepts. We expect the next comeback to inspire awe much the same way! While we wait, let’s take a look back at Red Velvet’s five best comeback songs.
Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Russian Roulette Red Velvet comeback 2024 Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

Released in 2016, Russian Roulette became the group’s first single to surpass 2 million sales. If BLACKPINK is known for their badassery and Twice for their girly cutesiness, Red Velvet’s colorful offbeat music video solidifies their quirky identity, setting them apart from other girl groups. The cheerful beat and catchy hook made Russian Roulette an enduring favorite, even in the TikTok age.

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Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Bad Boy Red Velvet comeback 2024 Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

Released as the title track of their repackaged second album, “The Perfect Red Velvet,” Bad Boy gave RV their first Platinum certification in Korea. Thanks to its sexy undertone and subject matter, the song signifies the group’s maturing musicality. The Bad Boy MV ditched bright colors and utilized largely monochromatic tones to create a sultry vibe, showcasing a different side of the girls. 

Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Psycho Red Velvet comeback 2024 Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

As the closing fanfare of their ReVe Festival album trilogy, “‘The ReVe Festival’ Finale” put out a masterpiece that was Psycho. Continuing Red Velvet members’ evolution into mature women with slightly dangerous edges, Psycho has the fivesome sing about toxic relationships in gothic dresses and pieces of jewelry. Excellently written, composed, and arranged to bring out the members’ best, the luxurious vibe this comeback emanated is one for the book!

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Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Queendom Red Velvet comeback 2024 Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

Like any group, Red Velvet members too have their ups and downs. Shortly after Psycho‘s release, Wendy suffered multiple injuries in an accident during rehearsal for a year-end performance. It would take two years before Wendy fully recovered and for the group to make a full team comeback.

The result did not disappoint. Queendom is a triumphant anthem of empowerment, a fitting theme given what the group had been through. One of the lines in the song goes, “The moment we hold our hands together / That’s our queendom” proclaiming the tight knit bond between the members as they weather the storms of life.

Drawing inspiration from “Alice in Wonderland”, Queendom leans on the fairytale imagery to deliver an energetic and fantastical aesthetic befitting of the upbeat track.

Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Feel My Rhythm Red Velvet comeback 2024 Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

Continuing the fairytale vibe, Red Velvet returned as five ballerina princesses in their most romantic title track to date, Feel My Rhythm, part of The ReVe Festival 2022 EP. The song blends soft pop with a majestic orchestral score, showcasing dreamy vocals and ultra-feminine images after years of edgy concepts.

The album receives tons of praise for its ingenious packaging design. Aside from being beautifully illustrated, the box can transform into a pretty music box with figurines of the members. Check it out here! It certainly makes the album worth collecting.

Honorary Mentions

  • Red Flavor (2017): Vibrant, cheerful, and endlessly catchy, this juicy dance track has become a timeless summer song over the years.
  • Chill Kill (2023): Back to their offbeat roots, Red Velvet’s last release took on the horror concept as a metaphor for loss and longing. The song’s opening haunting vocals before switching up to upbeat tunes make for an interesting listen.

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Red Velvet - The 9th Mini Album: Cosmic

Red Velvet members Red Velvet songs Red Velvet comeback 2024 Cosmic Mini Album Red Velvet kpop
Image source: SM Entertainment

Eager for the new album, ReVeLuvs? Wait no more! Red Velvet’s seventh EP, “Cosmic,” will be released on June 24 at 6 p.m. Being the group’s first album release in seven months since “Chill Kill” in November 2023, this new album, which includes six tracks, coincides with the group’s 10th debut anniversary since their debut in August 2014 with “Happiness.” Red Velvet has planned various events and promotions to celebrate this milestone with their fans.

Now, what's YOUR favorite Red Velvet comeback track?

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