The Best Korean Skincare and Makeup Brands of 2024: From too cool for school to rom&nd, Dasique, Peripera and BIBI

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In South Korea, you can find just any kind of makeup or skincare brands imaginable. Korean skincare and makeup items are known for their good quality, attractive packaging, and relatively affordable prices for what they offer. Every year, something new goes viral and creates sensations among beauty enthusiasts. Wonder which one is worth trying? We have compiled the latest craze in the world of K-Beauty brands to make it easy for you!



Rom&nd Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: rom&nd

In recent years, rom&nd (pronounced: romand) has consistently dominated everyone’s favorite lists for lip products. Particularly, their viral rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint collection has become perennial bestsellers, thanks to the luscious glossy finish and gorgeous variety of colors. 

Available in shades with delectable names like Bare Grape and Pink Popsicle, these rom&nd lippies are made for all the fun, flirty, and feminine girlies. For an even glossier finish, try the rom&nd Glasting Water Tint instead.

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Peripera Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: Peripera

Another must-have brand for lippie fans is Peripera with their best-selling Ink Mood Glowy Tint series. This collection has over twenty shades suitable for both the cool and warm undertones, ensuring plump and healthy looking lips all day long. 

The accompanying Mood Palette is not to be missed too, a cutely packaged palette of highly pigmented eyeshadows suitable for daily wear or fancy occasions. 

The collaboration between BIBI and Brandip has brought to life the extraordinary BIBI X Brandip Ink Glasting Lip Gloss, a game-changer in lip care and color. Not only does it elevate your look with its bold shades, but it also nourishes your lips with its moisturizing formula.



Amuse Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: Amuse

Fresh and youthful like its ambassador Jang Won Young, Amuse is the latest rising K-beauty brand you need to watch out for. Wanna get Won Young’s radiant, pure girl look? Amuse’s Lip Cheek Healthy Balm and Jel-fit Tint are specially formulated to give you a natural-looking healthy glow.




Dasique Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: Dasique

Korean makeup artists swear by Dasique’s wide range of products, which includes everything from eyeshadows, blushes, to highlighters. Their award-winning Dasique Shadow Palette has been a constant bestseller for its smooth finish and Asian skin tone-friendly shades, available in over 20 sumptuous combinations.



fwee Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: fwee

The recently launched brand is currently sizzling hot and sold out everywhere, all thanks to their viral Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot. This wide range of lip & cheek tint packaged inside bright colored compact pots. Their huge selection of striking shades is super eye-catching and blend easily on the skin.



hince Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: hince

If you’re looking to add extra glow to your skin, Hince is the brand for you. Their Hince Radiance Balm is a makeup artists’s staple to achieve that natural-looking luminous look you see on K-Pop idols. Its formula ensures that your glow blends perfectly with your skin – no more sweaty or oily finish!

Once you’ve been introduced to Hince, the brand also offers an underrated lip product: Hince Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow, available in a range of elegant shades with glossy finish.

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Muzigae Mansion

Muzigae Mansion Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: Muzigae Mansion

One look at Muzigae and you are instantly taken by the unique packaging. But Muzigae Mansion Object Liquid, their bestseller product, is more than just quirky tubes. Their lippie come in many gorgeous shades and best of all, they’re transfer-proof!

Also, check out the Muzigae Mansion Fitting Highlighter, another cool product that packs a glittery punch in a tiny package.



AOU Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: AOU

The AOU Glowy Tint Balm first went viral when Jennie of Blackpink was seen applying it to her lips in Apartment 404. It didn’t take long for fans to identify the cute candy colored packaging. And like everything Queen Jennie promoted, it instantly sold out everywhere. But rest easy, you can get that plump Jennie lips right here: all AOU Glowy Tint Balm shades are now available at DKshop!



CLIO Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: CLIO

When it comes to foundation, nothing beats Clio’s legendary Kill Cover series. The new Clio Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion is a fun and fruity edition featuring IVE’s An Yu Jin as the face of the brand. For higher coverage that instantly color corrects and blurs your complexion, opt for CLIO KILL COVER Skin Fixer Cushion. Either way, you can never go wrong with CLIO’s time-tested formula.


too cool for school

too cool for school Korean skincare Korean makeup
Image source: too cool for school

Over the years, Too Cool for School has developed a niche in the area of contouring game. Contouring isn’t something that’s synonymous with Korean makeup, but when you want that chiseled, dramatic look, their Art Class by Rodin Shading Contour Palette has been getting high praises everywhere. In the same series, they also released a Highlighter, Finish Setting Pact, and Blusher – all tailor made to achieve that bold makeup look.

And that concludes our list of must-try viral K-Beauty brands of the year. Can’t wait to get it for yourself? You can find these hot items at DKshop, your one-stop Korean items shopping mall. With us, enjoy a fuss-free and convenient shopping experience all the way until your purchase arrives at your door.

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