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With the rise of interest in K-Pop, Korean drama, makeup, and technology products, Korean to English translation applications have become very popular. The steady rise in trying to learn words or phrases in Korean has also promoted a rise in translation applications around the world. While Google Translate works well for a single word or a short phrase, learning and understanding Korean requires a more accurate application.

Here are 10 of the best Korean to English translation apps that will help users understand the Korean language and phrases with ease and efficiency. Read on and find out which one suits your needs best.

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Naver Korean Dictionary and Translator

naver korean dictionary and translator google play store
Google Play Store
App Store

The Naver Translator is one of the very first that was available for use. Naver is Korea’s top search engine and developed this translating application as a precise, wide-ranging translator. It is also one of the most used translation applications, because of its flawless results.

Naver translator also comes with instructions to help understand how to use it. The homepage offers help with grammar, idioms, sentences, features a word-of-the-day, and different Korean conversations to help users learn.

Additionally, the app also helps learn sentence structure and key phrases used in the language. It also gives written translations to verbal sentences.



Google Play Store
flitto app store
App Store

Flitto was introduced in 2012 and it is popular because of its live translators. Employees working for Flitto are connected to users looking for a translation for certain words or phrases. Once matched with the right translator, a user can give a written, verbal, or picture request for translation. Flitto users have to purchase points to access different translations.

In-app purchasing helps award points to the translator. This not only enables Flitto to work with local and international organizations but also to help them with the data that they collected through its users. This service has an impressive 9.5 million users base in almost two hundred countries. It also works closely with companies like AIRBNB, Naver, and Systran, providing impeccable translation services.


Genie Talk

Google Play Store
genie talk app store
App Store

Genie Talk was launched in 2012 and since then it has become a favorite translator for its quick results. The app was created as a two-way translation service for Korean to English, Chinese, and Japanese, then vice versa.

In 2018, after fixing connectivity and technical issues, the developer, Hancom Interfree, released a newer version of Genie Talk. Genie Talk automatically connects required programming to the smartphone upon installation. This application is great for people traveling to another country, as it helps find accommodation, restaurants, train stations, buses, and other necessary facilities that travelers need.

Genie Talk is a great application that works with nine languages. It also works with spoken, written pictured translations to make it easier for users.

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Papago Translator

naver papago translator google play store
Google Play Store
naver papago translator app store
App Store

Papago is also created by Naver and works similarly. However, it is purely a translator and not a dictionary. It is easy to operate and the interface features a selection of languages and input methods. Users can talk, type, photograph, or converse to get the translated results. Papago also had the option of saving commonly used words and phrases so that it is easier for users to access them.

Papago is also great for travelers because it comes with a phrasebook and website translator. There is an additional feature that helps children learn with colorful pictures spanning over various topics in Korean.


Greenlife Korean to English Translator

greenlife korean to english translator google play store
Google Play Store
App Store

The Greenlife translator works with text, speech, or conversations to translate for its users. It is also great as it offers suggestions for better phrases or corrects grammatical errors in all languages. It also helps users understand the grammar of another language, so they automatically learn the language.

It further helps users with word-based games like crossword puzzles, daily words, flashcards, and a dictionary that can be accessed offline. It also allows users to save and text or email their translations to themselves if they feel the need to save them. This application is a great tool for teachers, students, and parents because it effectively teaches a new language to users.


Google Translate

google translate google play store
Google Play Store
google translate app store
App Store

Google Translate is a popular and quick translator for multiple languages. It has been used and developed over the years, and become a widely used translating app across the globe. Though it isn’t perfect, anyone with some knowledge of Korean can understand when and where it makes mistakes. Though it is a challenge to translate Asian languages, Google Translate is popular because it is beginner-friendly, multilingual, quick, and uses multiple methods of input.

In a computer, it can also help translate the pages users visit, to make it easier for them to understand. Users prefer Google Translate for its accessibility and speed, which are both important features of a translation app.

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iTranslate Dictionary and Translator

itranslate dictionary and translator google play store
Google Play Store
itranslate dictionary and translator app store
App Store

The iTranslate can translate more than a hundred languages and is one of the leading multilingual dictionary applications. Users can access their translations through text, speech, and automatic translation of webpages; making this perfect for travelers.

One of the most helpful translation features that iTranslate possesses is that it can switch between different dialects, which results in easier translation.

This app is also famous because it helps increase a user’s vocabulary, by suggesting synonyms for different words. Those who are learning the language or traveling to another country can use this application to translate signs, lists, directions, and even menus at a restaurant.



sayhi korean to english translator google play store
Google Play Store
sayhi korean to english translator app store
App Store

SayHi is a great Korean to English translator for beginners. It has a simple and easy interface and is a great tool for those who are in another country and wish to understand the spoken language. SayHi exclusively translates spoken language and dialogue for its users.

Whenever a user speaks into the microphone, it is translated into Korean and English. It lets users play the translation back, so they can understand what was being said.

It saves whatever translations users have spoken so it can be accessed later. The application is accurate and precise in translations with a pleasing interface, and great for translating spoken dialogue or phrases.



waygo korean to english translator app google play store
Google Play Store
waygo korean to english translator app store
App Store

Waygo is best for those traveling to Asian countries as it effectively uses its translation tool without an internet connection. It also provides users with a dictionary to help translate different things such as schedules or street names. In addition to this, image recognition and intelligent translation enable users to photograph and translate whatever they need to.

Waygo translate English into Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, but the free version is limited to ten translations in a day. If users require more, they will have to buy an upgraded version to unlock more features.

This application also comes with zoom features to help translate smaller fonts, but ensuring that the fonts are in a standard style rather than cursive is better. It also helps refocus blurred images by a simple touch to the phone screen.


Klays English to Korean Translator

klays english to korean translator google play store
Google Play Store

Users prefer the easy interface that Klay’s offers. This application is great for smaller phrases or short conversations in Korean and English. In addition to checking user history and saving commonly used words, they can also use this application to understand and learn the pronunciation of various phrases.

Reviews ask for a better comprehension of different phrases, however, since it becomes a bit challenging to understand all Korean characters.

Once users use this application, they can save words, small sentences, and phrases, so they can be accessed whenever need be.

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Finding the perfect translation application is a bit challenging, but narrowing it down to some of the most recommended might help. Though some might not be what users are looking for, most Korean to English translation applications are a great way to teach and learn both languages perfectly.